criminal charges

Avenatti Gives Twitter a Send Off as He Prepares to Fight Numerous Criminal Charges

Officers in Violent Beach Arrest of 20-Year-Old Mother Will Not Face Criminal Charges (VIDEO)

Dan Abrams: Harvey Weinstein Should Be ‘Very Nervous’ Right Now

House Calls For Criminal Charges Against Turkish President’s Guards After DC Protest

PA Attorney General Kathleen Kane Faces Prison Time After Being Convicted of 9 Criminal Charges

Police Reviewing Actions of Parents Before 3-Year-Old Fell into Gorilla Enclosure

Groups Call for Criminal Investigation After Gorilla’s Death at Zoo

Details Surrounding Prince’s Death Could Lead to Criminal Charges

3 Officials Face Criminal Charges Over Flint’s Water Crisis

Why Football Star Johnny Manziel May Face Criminal Charges

Couple Arrested for Using 9-year-old Daughter as Designated Driver

Retired Super Bowl Champion Questioned in FBI Probe: Report

Former FBI Asst. Director Calls Hillary Clinton’s E-Mail Answer Wishful Thinking

Yes, Hillary Clinton Did Commit a Crime … and She Should be Charged

Trump is Wrong, Hillary Clinton Shouldn’t Be Charged Based on What We Know Now

In ‘El Chapo Interview,’ Sean Penn Opens Himself Up to Some Legal Problems

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