WATCH: Cop Accused of Planting Drugs While Body Camera Catches It All On Video

‘You Raped Me’: Woman Confronts Ex-Cop over Traffic Stop That Went Terribly Wrong (WATCH)

Bikini-Wearing Cop Arrests Alleged Thief

VIDEO: Cop Points Gun and Apparently Sucker Punches Man Trying to Film Arrest

Union Rep Digs Up Dirt on Woman Who Pulled Over Cop For Speeding

VIDEO: Woman Turns Table on Cop and Pulls Him Over for Speeding

VIDEO: Cop Shuts Down Crabby Neighbor Over Noise Complaint, Brings Shaq to Ball With Kids

Tony Stewart and ‘Heckler’ Cop Throw Down During NASCAR Event

Never Point a Gun at a Cop During a Funeral Procession

Cop: I was Punished For Not Stopping Enough Blacks, Hispanics

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