Detroit-Area Attorney Faces Charges After Allegedly Throwing Wild ‘Sex Party’ in the Suburbs

Drug Dealer Outed Himself After Misunderstanding Deputy’s ‘Crack Lab’ Joke, Authorities Say

If Someone Steals Your Cocaine, Don’t Call 911, and Definitely Don’t Say You’re a Drug Dealer

Judge Who Stole Cocaine from Evidence Challenges Disbarment

TSA Officers Charged in Scheme to Smuggle 20 Tons of Cocaine Through Airport

Prosecutor’s Office Employee Fired After Cocaine-Fueled Bachelorette Party

Man Arrested for DWI Tried to Hide Cocaine Under His Stomach Fat Roll, Cops Say

Teacher’s ‘Bad Day’ Leads to DWI Arrest, Cops Say

Police: Flight Attendant Arrested After Running From TSA, Leaving Behind Gucci Shoes, Cocaine

Woman Caught Smuggling Over $200,000 Worth of Cocaine in Her Breasts

Actor James Woods Sues Twitter User for $10 Million Over Tweet

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