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The Latest GOP Request to Sessions is Seriously Stupid (Yes, It Involves Clinton)

RNC Chairman Accuses State Dept. of ‘Cover-Up’ to Protect Clinton During Election

Congressman Drops Bombshell Says FBI Gave Broader Immunity to Clinton Aides Than First Disclosed (Update)

Clinton Campaign Manager Dodges Question About ‘Hillary Cover-Up’ Note In FBI Docs

Clinton IT Staffer Held In Contempt For No-Showing Congressional Testimony

Powell Said He Had to Throw ‘Mini Tantrum’ at Hamptons Party Over Clinton Emails

DOJ Gave Immunity to Person Who Destroyed Clinton Emails

Here’s What Probably Led to Blow Up During Cheryl Mills’ FBI Interview

Report: State Dept. Insists on Reviewing Clinton Email Docs Before FBI Gives Them to Congress

Report: Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign Also Hacked

State Dept. Accused of ‘Wildly Miscalculating’ Number of Clinton Emails, Dragging Out FOIA Request

New Hacked Emails Reportedly Show How Hard Clinton Staffers Work to Keep Press Away

Trump’s Attorneys Point Finger at Clinton Email Lawsuit in Trump University Case

Clinton Aide Bryan Pagliano Invokes 5th Amendment More Than 125 Times

Judge Rules Clinton IT Aide’s Immunity Agreement in ‘Criminal Investigation’ Will Be Sealed

Ron Paul’s Lost Delegates: Why They May Decide the GOP Nomination

Report: New E-Mail Totally Contradicts Clinton’s Claims About Private Server

Report Finds that Hillary Clinton Sent Over 100 Classified Emails Via Private Server

Well, Duh, FBI Director Tells Congress He Will Ensure Clinton Investigation ‘Independent’

Why One Clinton E-Mail ‘Withheld’ By Law Enforcement Could Be so Crucial

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