clinton email investigation

Here’s The Reality on Whether Hillary Clinton Can Be Impeached if She Wins

If Trump Wins, Sure Looks Like Clinton Email Investigation Will be Reopened

James Comey’s Criticism of Clinton was Unprecedented, Improper and Maybe Even Politicized

Attorney General Lynch Promises to Accept Whatever FBI Recommends in Clinton Email Investigation

Secret Documents Filed in Case Against Guccifer Who Says He Hacked Clinton Server

DNC Chair Can Barely Say ‘Investigation,’ Says Clinton ‘Isn’t Even a Target’

Fmr. Top DOJ Official: Clinton Likely Committed ‘Biggest Violation of Federal Records Act in History’

Clinton Ally Sid Blumenthal Explains How Clinton Email Probe Will End

Fmr. DOJ FOIA Director on Clinton Aide’s Missing Emails: ‘It Stinks to High Heavens’

If Hillary’s Not Charged, Don’t Dare Accuse FBI Director Comey of Politicization

Clinton Ally Sid Blumenthal Won’t Say Whether He’s Been Interviewed by FBI

‘Guccifer’ Hacker Says He Spoke With FBI Agent at Length

Report: Romanian Hacker Claims He ‘Easily’ Hacked Into Clinton Private Email Server

Sen. Reid Goes After Judiciary Chairman For ‘Encouraging’ Leak of Clinton Email Investigation

Hacker Extradition to U.S. Connected to FBI’s Clinton Email Probe:Report

Hillary Clinton Laughs Off Thought of Being Put in Handcuffs Over Private Emails

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