Clinton e-mails

If Hillary Is Indicted, President Clinton Could Pardon Herself and Congress Might be Helpless

A President Hillary Clinton Could Pardon Herself and Congress Might Be Helpless to Act

Sorry Hillary, FBI Director Confirms Clinton Email ‘Investigation’ Not ‘Security Review’

Congressman Says Scale of Clinton’s Wrongdoing May Cause FBI Probe to Stretch Past Election

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough: FBI May Be Pressured Politically to Drag Out Clinton E-Mail Investigation

Bill Clinton Dismisses Investigation Into Hillary’s E-Mail Server as a ‘Game’

State Dept. Agrees to Allow Questioning of Clinton Aides About ‘Creation and Operation’ of E-Mail Server

President Obama Probably Knows More About the Clinton Investigation Than He’s Letting On

Obama Recognizes ‘Carelessness’ in Clinton Email Setup; Promises No Political Interference in FBI Probe

State Dept. Wants to Limit What Questions Conservative Group Can Ask Clinton’s Aides Under Oath

MSNBC Guest Argues It’s a ‘Higher Bar’ to Prosecute Clinton Because She’s Running for President

Documents Show State Dept. Closely Coordinated With Clinton Foundation After Benghazi Attacks

NSA Refused Clinton a Secure Phone, She Set Up Private Server Instead

Watchdog Group Submits Plan to Depose Top Clinton Aides About E-Mails

FBI Investigating Whether Clinton Aides Shared Classified Access Passwords

Well, Duh, FBI Director Tells Congress He Will Ensure Clinton Investigation ‘Independent’

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