Clinton e-mail

FBI Director Comey Says No Reasonable Prosecutor Would Bring Charges Against Hillary Clinton

Trump Says Hillary’s Response to Orlando Mirrors Obama’s Because She Fears Indictment

FBI Admits Finding Additional Info On Clinton Server During Email Investigation

Clinton May Have Revealed ID’s of CIA Officers, WaPo Blogger Blames… FOIA Process

Watchdog Group Fights Clinton Aide Who Doesn’t Want Deposition Videotaped

Obama Admin Ordered to Start Releasing 3,300 New Clinton E-Mails in July

Clinton Aide Bryan Pagliano Plans to Take the Fifth at Deposition

Former Top Clinton Aide Refuses to Answer Deposition Questions In FOIA Lawsuit

UPDATE: Judge Grants Request to Keep Clinton Email Deposition Video Secret

Ex-State Dept. Advisor Says Clinton’s ‘Sloppy Communications’ May Have Blown Counterterrorism Ops

Former Top Clinton Aide Already Trying to Block Release of Videotaped Deposition

Lawmaker Says There is Enough Evidence to Indict Clinton But FBI Will Punt

Former Aide Set to Testify in Clinton E-Mail Civil Lawsuit

Clinton Told Aide to Call Home Phone After Secure Connection Failed, New E-Mails Show

Guccifer Hacker Demands Payment for NBC News Interview

Fmr FBI Cyber Crimes Special Agent Says Guccifer’s Alleged Clinton Email Hack is ‘Plausible’

Top Clinton Aides Interviewed By FBI in E-Mail Probe

State Dept. to Withhold Docs Related to Clinton E-Mail Security Until After Election

‘Guccifer’ Hacker Laughs at Clinton’s Claim that Her Server Was Safe

State Dept. Withheld Key Email From Clinton’s Private Server in FOIA Lawsuit

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