Claud Tex McIver

Estate of Victim’s Wife Sues Tex McIver, Star Witness After Murder Sentencing

Tex McIver Juror Gives Epic Interview on Why She Voted to Convict

The Guilty Verdict in Tex McIver Murder Trial Makes Zero Logical Sense

Jurors Convict Atlanta Attorney Tex McIver of Murder, Assault, & Influencing a Witness

Prosecution’s Murder Case against Prominent Atlanta Attorney Is Total Reach and Complete Hogwash

Watch Live: Tex McIver Murder Trial

Tex McIver Tears up as Defense Delivers Opening Statement at His Murder Trial

WATCH: Tex McIver Murder Trial Jury Selection (Day 1)

Jurors Exposed to Publicity about Their Own Trial on Bus Ride to Court

Watch: Tex McIver Hearing

Watch: Claud “Tex” McIver Hearing

WATCH: Claud “Tex” McIver Hearing

WATCH: Arraignment for Attorney Claud ‘Tex’ McIver Who Allegedly Murdered Wife

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