Christine Ford

Jeff Flake’s Kavanaugh Statement Gets the Law Wrong

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s Lawyers Refuse to Release Medical Records

Dems Brace for Christine Blasey Ford as Possible No-Show at Thursday’s Kavanaugh Hearing

President Trump All But Confirmed He Will Not Ask FBI to Investigate Christine Ford Allegation

Why Mark Judge’s Statement on the Kavanaugh-Ford Situation Is Ultimately Meaningless

Key Kavanaugh Witness Who Allegedly Watched Attempted Assault Officially Breaks Silence

GOP Senator Walks Back Story of What Kavanaugh Told Him About High School Party

Fmr Fed Prosecutor: Kavanaugh-Christine Ford Public Hearing Shaping Up to Be ‘Historic Watershed Moment’

Orrin Hatch: ‘Honest’ Kavanaugh Says He Wasn’t Even at Party Where Alleged Attempted Assault Occurred

Kavanaugh Ready to Testify Under Oath Regarding ‘Completely False Allegation’ of Sex Assault

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