Pa. School District Hammered for ‘Callous’ Letter Threatening Foster Care Over Lunch Debts

That Time an Obama DOJ Official Said 3-Year-Old Immigrants Could Represent Themselves in Court

Adults at Park Chased Away by Kids Armed with Rocks and Gun

Judge Gets Blowback for Separating Mom and Child, Then He Compares Himself to Jesus

‘What Kind of Parent are You?!’ Cop Berates Mom for Leaving Kids in Hot Car (WATCH)

Lawmaker Wants to Cut Budget by Turning Over Non-English Speaking Students to ICE

#LUNCHSHAMING: New Law Stops Schools from Shaming Students Who Don’t Have Lunch Money

Woman Arrested After Allegedly Throwing Knives at Children, Breaking into Their Home

President Trump is Legally Barred from Appointing His Family Members

Mother Accused of Using Children in Violent Carjacking Scheme

Report: Pitt and Jolie Settle on Temporary Custody Deal

Brad and Angelina Reportedly Have a Solid Pre-Nup; But What About the Kids?

Mother Gets Reduced Sentence for Killing Her Children Because of Postpartum Psychosis

UPDATE: Father Confesses to Accidentally Killing 4-Year-Old Daughter After 5-Year-Old Brother Initially Blamed

Mississippi Bill Requires Teachers to Grade Parents

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