President Trump Claims ‘Spying’ on His Campaign Was Illegal. He’s Wrong.

White Supremacist Files Bizarre Lawsuit Claiming Trump Directed Supporters to Remove Protesters

After Quitting Race, Ben Carson Campaign Routed Big Bucks to Former Staffers, Limos, Hotels

Did You Know Marco Rubio Is Still $1.9 Million in Debt From His Last Campaign?

Trump Loves the Military, But Guess Who Got Their Donations?

Camping Industry (like Kid’s Camps) Paid Hillary Clinton $260,000 for Hour-Long Speech

Report: Amidst Battery Charge, Lewandowski Losing Power Within Trump Campaign

Trump Campaign Ruffles Feathers With Alleged Unauthorized Use of Eagle Image

There is Only One Presidential Candidate Who Actually Pays Interns

Yes, Hillary Clinton Did Commit a Crime … and She Should be Charged

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