Campaign Finance

‘Pilfered from His Clients’: Trump Inaugural Committee Donor Agrees to Plead Guilty to Multiple Federal Crimes

Prosecutors Reveal They Have ‘Effectively Concluded’ Campaign Finance Violation Inquiry

Experts: Trump Likely Violated Two Laws in One Tweet

Fmr Watergate Prosecutor Questions Why Mueller Didn’t Charge Donald Trump Jr.

Law Prof: Think Trump Is On the Hook for Campaign Finance Violations? Think Again

The Major Legal Issue People Aren’t Talking About Regarding Brett Kavanaugh’s Confirmation Hearing

ANALYSIS: Trump Campaign Likely Broke Law By Requesting Emails From Assange

Roy Moore Accused Of Lying About His Finances For The Third Time

Illegal Campaign Finance Shenanigans Alleged During Handel-Ossoff Race in Georgia

FEC is After Trump Big Time for Anonymous Donations, Inflating #’s, Other Violations

Trump Campaign Spent Half a Million Dollars on Lawyers … Last Month

Clinton Team Outsources Dirt Digging to SuperPAC in Apparent Violation of Campaign Finance Laws

Leaked Memo Raises Questions About Illegal Coordination Between Clinton Campaign and Super PACs

Clinton Rails Against Citizens United, Promotes Campaign Finance Transparency

Congressman Says Half of Time in Office Spent Shaking Down People for Contributions

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