Brett Kavanaugh

‘The Word Feral Came to Mind’: Woman Recalls ‘Frightening Side’ of Brett Kavanaugh 20 Years Later

‘I Was Angry’: Woman Referred to DOJ and FBI for Alleged False Rape Claim Against Kavanaugh

Upcoming Brett Kavanaugh Ceremony Will Break SCOTUS Tradition Due to ‘Security Concerns’

Is Trump Really About to Use the Brett Kavanaugh Calendar Defense to Defeat Summer Zervos?

Our First Look at Man Who Allegedly Threatened to Murder Senators Who Supported Brett Kavanaugh

74-Year-Old Man Charged for Threatening to Murder U.S. Senators Who Supported Brett Kavanaugh

AP: Only 25 Percent of 1,152 People Think Kavanaugh Told the Truth, and Nothing But the Truth

Does No Corroboration Now Mean It Didn’t Happen? Kavanaugh Hearing Sets Dangerous Precedent

President Trump Keeps Repeating the Most Ridiculous Lie About Brett Kavanaugh

The Internet Thinks it Found the Way to Make Brett Kavanaugh Care About Climate Change

American Bar Association Puts an End to its Re-Evaluation of Brett Kavanaugh

It Sure Looked Like Kavanaugh Wasn’t Such a Fan of Due Process at Yesterday’s Oral Arguments

Woman Threatened By Cops Over Anti-GOP Sign Has Her Sights Set on Susan Collins

Sen. Tom Cotton Thinks He Knows Who’s Behind Leak of Christine Blasey Ford’s Allegations is Now a Resource for Sexual Assault Survivors

Hillary Clinton: Allegations Against Bill Have ‘Significant Difference’ from Kavanaugh, Trump

Republicans Threaten Lawsuit After Bar Declines to Host Pro-Kavanaugh ‘Beers 4 Brett’ Party

Kavanaugh Supporters Want Him to Sue Over Sex Assault Allegations. That’s a Terrible Idea.

Justice Brett Kavanaugh Hires Only Female Clerks, a Supreme Court First

How Will the Kavanaugh Confirmation Battle Affect His Judging Of the Accused?

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