Brett Kavanaugh

The Internet Thinks it Found the Way to Make Brett Kavanaugh Care About Climate Change

American Bar Association Puts an End to its Re-Evaluation of Brett Kavanaugh

It Sure Looked Like Kavanaugh Wasn’t Such a Fan of Due Process at Yesterday’s Oral Arguments

Woman Threatened By Cops Over Anti-GOP Sign Has Her Sights Set on Susan Collins

Sen. Tom Cotton Thinks He Knows Who’s Behind Leak of Christine Blasey Ford’s Allegations is Now a Resource for Sexual Assault Survivors

Hillary Clinton: Allegations Against Bill Have ‘Significant Difference’ from Kavanaugh, Trump

Republicans Threaten Lawsuit After Bar Declines to Host Pro-Kavanaugh ‘Beers 4 Brett’ Party

Kavanaugh Supporters Want Him to Sue Over Sex Assault Allegations. That’s a Terrible Idea.

Justice Brett Kavanaugh Hires Only Female Clerks, a Supreme Court First

How Will the Kavanaugh Confirmation Battle Affect His Judging Of the Accused?

Avenatti Says It’s ‘Nonsense’ He and Client Julie Swetnick Are Blamed for Kavanaugh Confirmation

Anti-Gay Group Immediately Celebrates Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court Success

Chief Justice John Roberts Accused of ‘Cover Up’ for Sitting on Kavanaugh Misconduct Complaints

Texas Cops Confiscate Anti-Republican Yard Sign After Threatening Property Owner

GOP Sen. Susan Collins Announces She Will Vote to Confirm Brett Kavanaugh

Watch Live: GOP Sen. Susan Collins Announces Kavanaugh Decision

Michael Avenatti Issues a Direct Challenge to Brett Kavanaugh

Senate Votes to End Debate on Brett Kavanaugh Nomination, Moving Forward to Final Confirmation Vote

‘Ready to Kill and Ready to Die’: Man Arrested for Allegedly Threatening Senators Who Don’t Vote to Confirm Kavanaugh

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