Border Wall

DOJ Argument in Border Wall Case: Courts Should Never Resolve Disputes Between Congress and President

Pelosi Funded Trump’s Border Wall to Protect Conservative Democrat Incumbent

For Second Time This Week, Judge Blocks Trump’s Use of Military Funds to Build Border Wall

GOP Donor’s Company Awarded $400 Million Border Wall Contract After Trump Push

Senate Votes to Overturn Trump’s Emergency Declaration Over U.S.-Mexico Border

‘Impeachable Bribery’: Experts Blast Trump’s Reported Offer to Issue Pardons for Border Wall Construction

Legal Expert: SCOTUS Wall Decision Signals Justices May Side With Trump on Merits

Judge Issues Permanent Injunction Against Trump’s Border Wall

After Loss in Federal Court, More Sections of Trump’s Border Wall Are Now in Danger

‘Nearly Complete’: Privately Funded Wall Goes Up on US-Mexico Border

Federal Court Signals That President Trump Will Ultimately Lose Battle Over Border Wall

Marine Corps Commandant Slams Trump in Leaked Memos for Deploying Troops to Border, Emergency Declaration

Lawsuit Filed Against Trump Claims Border Wall Will Desecrate Native American Resting Places

Alan Dershowitz Finally Disagreed with Trump About Something

Lawsuit Filed Against National Emergency Declaration Alleges Trump Violated U.S. Constitution

Why Trump Can Legally Use Emergency Powers to Build Wall

Trump Wins Significant Border Wall Case in ‘Liberal’ Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals

Trump Legally Right to Use Emergency Powers to Build Wall

Obama Border Patrol Chief Goes Public–to Support Trump: ‘The Wall Works’

Fmr White House Lawyer: Trump Would Have ‘Two Strikes Against Him’ in State of Emergency Due to Admin’s Border Comments

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