State Passes Bill to Give $100,000 to Families of Public School Employees Killed in Shootings

Rep. King Pushes (Likely Unconstitutional) Bill to Prevent Supreme Court from Citing Their Own ObamaCare Decisions

Bill Allowing Lawsuits Against Saudi Arabia Over 9/11 Attacks Heads to Obama

Without Insurance, Some Drug Users Need to Commit a Crime to Get Treatment

Gov. to Sign ‘Blue Lives Matter’ Bill That Provides Cops With Hate Crime Protections

Lawmakers Call to Impeach Obama Over Bathroom Directive

Students May Soon Be Allowed to (Legally) Bring Marijuana onto School Grounds

Beware Posers: Colorado Seeks to Criminalize ‘Fake’ Service Dogs

Mississippi Proposes Alternative to Lethal Injection: Death By Firing Squad

New Law Bans Abortion If Fetus Has Down Syndrome

GOP Lawmaker: We Don’t Need Rape Kit Law ‘Just Because It Makes You Feel Good’

Doctors Prevented From Questioning Patients About Guns Fight Back

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