20 Arrested in California Pro and Anti-Trump rallies

Anti-Trump Protester Accused of Blocking Ambulance Rushing Critically Ill Patient to Hospital

Multiple Journalists Say They Face Felony Charges for Covering Inauguration Protests

Lawsuit Already Filed Alleging Police Excessive Force, Illegal Arrests on Inauguration Day

NAACP Pres Says Sit-In Arrests May Lead to More Civil Disobedience

Police Announce First Arrests Behind Terrifying ‘Klown’ Threats on Social Media

Native Americans Claim Police Rounded Up and Detained Homeless Without Charges

20 Arrested After Protests at Trump Rally Turned Violent

FBI Arrests Three People Connected to San Bernardino Terrorist on Conspiracy, Fraud Charges

Bomb-Making Materials Discovered in George Mason University Dorm Room

English Teacher Arrested in Connection With California Jailbreak

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