Sarah Silverman: Florida Pastor ‘Is Going to Get Me Killed’

‘We Need N****** Gone’: Alabama Students Caught Spewing Racist Slurs, Anti-Semitic Remarks

Minnesota GOP Apologizes After Anti-Semitic Meme Comparing Bernie Sanders to Hitler Was Posted on Facebook

Hospital Speaks Out Against Ex-Resident’s Social Media Post About Giving Jews ‘Wrong Meds’

‘It’s Run By Jews’: Aide’s Anti-Semitic Remark Leaves Dem Doing Damage Control

Civil Rights Groups Accuse Facebook of Anti-Semitism After Bombshell NYT Report

New York State Planning to Ban Shocking Anti-Semitic License Plate ‘in Response to Customer Complaints’

GOP Congressional Candidate Running Against Maxine Waters Compliments Anti-Semitic Sign (VIDEO)

Police Have Identified Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooter as White Supremacist Robert Bowers

At Least 10 People Confirmed Dead After Mass Shooting at Pittsburgh Synagogue

Facebook Apparently Censors Anne Frank Center’s Post Promoting Holocaust Education

GOP Candidate Accused of Anti-Semitism After Posting Image of Jewish Senator in Nazi Regalia

GOP Congressional Candidate: the Holocaust is an ‘Absolute Fabricated Lie’

Twitter Outraged as Ron Paul Tweets, Then Deletes, Comic With Racist, Anti-Semitic Caricatures

Dinesh D’Souza Under Fire After Retweeting Posts With #BurnTheJews and #BringBackSlavery Hashtags

North Carolina GOP Candidate: ‘God is a Racist and a White Supremacist’

Roy Moore’s Jewish Lawyer Has Been Found. And He Loves Doug Jones.

Pro-Trump Group Under Fire For Apparently Anti-Semitic Tweet

Town Implements New Rule Specifically to Keep Jews Out, Attorney General Says

Joe Arpaio is Now Hanging Around With Holocaust Deniers

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