American Civil Liberties Union

Immigrant Groups Sue Trump Admin over Proposed Citizenship Question on Census

In Tweetstorm, ACLU Unloads On Democrats And Republicans For Expanding Trump’s Warrantless Surveillance Powers

ACLU Threatens Public Schools For Running Bible Courses ‘More Like Sunday School’

School Board Goes On Lockdown Over Death Threats After Forcibly Removing Teacher From Meeting (VIDEO)

New Mexico Sheriff Says Body Cameras Are Unfair To Police Officers

Taylor Swift Sends Legal Threat to Blogger Who Asked Her To Denounce The Alt-Right

Black Lives Matter Protesters Shut Down ACLU Freedom of Speech Event (WATCH)

St. Louis Cops Under Investigation For Alleged Heavy-Handed Protest Response

ACLU Accuses ICE of Attempting To Destroy Records of Detainee Abuse, Rape, Torture

ACLU Files FOIA Request for Voter Fraud Evidence After Trump Orders Election Commission

ACLU Leader Resigns in Protest After Transwomen Scare Her Daughters in Restroom

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