Ninth Circuit to Reconsider Alarming Legal Loophole for Crimes Committed on Airplanes

Man Who Stole Doomed Plane Hoped There Was Life Sentence for What He Did (LISTEN)

Woman Faces Probation for Groping Female Passenger During Las Vegas Flight

Parents: While They Got Kicked off Overbooked Delta Flight, Staff Said They Could Lose Their Kids

Man Accused of Planting Note on Plane Warning of Bomb

Airline Pilot Suspended Over Allegations He Snapped Lewd Selfies From Cockpit

‘You’re Not One of Us’: Trump Supporter Sheriff David Clarke Allegedly Harassed on Airplane

Student Says He Was Kicked Off Flight, Questioned by FBI Just for Speaking Arabic

72-year-old Passenger Charged After Attacking Flight Crew Who Wouldn’t Let Him Do Yoga

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