2nd amendment

Oklahomans Prepared to Test Permitless Carry Law Through ‘Second Amendment Audits’

‘Americans Are Murdered Each Day’: Democrats Lambaste Supreme Court, NRA, Federalist Society in New Amicus Brief

Senator Lindsey Graham Reveals Why He Owns an AR-15

The Gilroy Garlic Festival Mass Shooter Has Been Identified – Here’s What We Know

Texas Tried to Pass a Law So Cops Could Arrest People Who Have Guns in Secure Airport Areas. It Was Shot Down.

Entire Community Dumps Halloween Candy After Meth Found in Kid’s Bag

Pro-Gun Columnist Accidentally Shot and Killed When Letting Teen Hold Gun, Police Say

Appeals Court Upholds Law Requiring 10-Day ‘Cooling Off’ Period for Firearm Purchases

Baltimore Expected to Approve Law Banning Possession of ‘Replica’ Guns

Emails Show Federal Agents Used License Plate Scanners to Collect Information at Gun Shows

Senate Rejects All Four Gun Control Measures Put Forward in the Aftermath of Orlando Attack

9th Circuit Panel Rules 2nd Amendment Includes Right to ‘Buy and Sell’ Guns

UPDATE: Father Confesses to Accidentally Killing 4-Year-Old Daughter After 5-Year-Old Brother Initially Blamed

Gun Shop Owner Refuses To Sell Gun To Eligible Buyer, May Have Halted Mass Shooting

Woman Kills Home Intruder, Now Media Outraged at Her!

Armed Customer Credited For Saving Lives After Shooting Hatchet Wielding Man

Trump Says He Would’ve Opened Fire to Stop Paris Attacks

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