2016 Presidential Election

Clinton Says She Plans to Create Office of Immigrant Affairs if Elected

Clinton’s ‘Right-Hand’ Woman On Private E-mails Being Released: ‘Terrifying’

Trump Preps for Convention Fight, Hires Expert Strategist

Report: New E-Mail Totally Contradicts Clinton’s Claims About Private Server

An Anti-Muslim Conspiracy Theorist May Be Behind Ted Cruz’s Muslim Surveillance Proposal

Trump Supporter Who Whupped Protester Faces Criminal Charges

Sheriff David Clarke Reminds Us John Kasich Called Cop an ‘Idiot’ over Traffic Stop

Hacker Group Anonymous Declares ‘War’ on Donald Trump

Trump: Disruptive Protesters Should Be Thrown in Jail

Donald Trump Club Almost Only Hires Foreign Seasonal Workers Instead of Americans

Trump Wants Torture, Here’s What Happened to World Leaders Who Tried It

Senate Shouldn’t ‘Bet the House’ on Supreme Court Obstruction

Bill to Defund Planned Parenthood Hits John Kasich’s Desk

There is Only One Presidential Candidate Who Actually Pays Interns

Due to Registration Confusion, Thousands May be Barred from Primary Voting

Veterans Group Calls Bernie Sanders Use of Logo ‘Illegal’

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