Manafort, Gates Can Ask Permission to Attend Thanksgiving Events, Judge Says

Trump Had ‘No Duty’ to Help LaVar Ball’s Son, Says Law Professor

Judge Doesn’t Regret Post About Hot Women He’s Slept With

Trump Campaign Created Own Rules on Sexual Harassment

Montana Congressman Misled Authorities On Reporter’s Assault

Trump Judge Nominee May Have Defended Early KKK Leader

Kushner Lawyer Didn’t Disclose Communications About WikiLeaks, Senate Says

Here’s What Happens If Al Franken Resigns or Gets Forced Out for Alleged Groping

Jury In Menendez Trial Remains Deadlocked

Law Professors Shoot Down One Idea for Replacing Roy Moore

FBI Takes Next Step in Trump Administration’s War On Planned Parenthood

Judge’s Order Prevents Manafort, Gates from Leaking Any Favorable Court Docs to Press

Kushner’s Old Company Sued for Alleged ‘Predatory’ Real Estate Scheme

Legal Expert: Trump Jr.’s Correspondence with WikiLeaks Is Probably Not Illegal

DHS Nominee Possibly Broke Law by Accepting Help from Wrong Person, Says Legal Group

Menendez Jury Says It’s Deadlocked; Judge Says To Continue

Trump’s ‘Not Qualified’ Judge Pick Didn’t Disclose Marriage to White House Lawyer

Brennan Says It’s ‘Puzzling’ Why Trump Keeps Downplaying Russia Interference

GOP Lawmaker Says Roy Moore Accusers Should Be Prosecuted for Bringing Claims Decades Late

Lisa Bloom Defends Ex-Pol Against Bill O’Reilly’s $5 Million Claim

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