Federal Court Rules YouTube Can Give Preferential Treatment to Liberal Content

Federal Judges Association Caused Even More Confusion with Email Denying ‘Emergency’ Meeting About Trump

Alabama Lawmaker’s Troll Job Bill Requiring Vasectomies Is Clearly Unconstitutional

Don’t Be Surprised if AG Barr Himself Advises Trump to Pardon Stone, Flynn and Others

Another Round of Trump v. NY: New Yorkers Lose Expedited Travel Ability Due to ‘Green Light Law’

DOJ’s Ridiculous Arguments Against Aid Workers Giving Water to Migrants in Desert Fall Flat

WSJ Editorial Board on Bolton Book Details: It Doesn’t Matter and the ‘Timing Is Kavanaugh-esque’

Kavanaugh: No Tax Break for Religious Scholarships Is ‘Grotesque Religious Bigotry Against Catholics’

The Wrongful Impeachment of President Trump

The Problem with Democrats’ Demands of White House Counsel Pat Cipollone

Opinion: Donald Trump Should Not Be Tried … He May Not Be Mentally Competent

Avenatti’s Legal Troubles Resemble Trump More Than Either Would Like to Admit

At Impeachment Trial, Chief Justice Roberts Will Do Just What Rehnquist Did: Nothing in Particular

Kansas Is So Determined to Circumvent Court’s Abortion Ruling That It’s Willing to Rewrite State Constitution

‘Bridgegate’ Case Heads to SCOTUS. It’s More Similar to Trump’s Impeachment Than You Know.

Trump Admin Won’t Let States Issue Undocumented Immigrants Driver’s Licenses Without a Fight

How Trump Could Seek to Dismiss Impeachment Articles in Court

SCOTUS to Decide Whether ‘Religious Liberty’ Means Religious Schools Can Fire Teachers Any Time They Want

Did Gorsuch Just Signal That He Thinks the Whistleblower Should Come Forward?

Top 4 Reasons Trump’s Impeachment Trial in the Senate Is Going to Be a Total Mess

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