Despite Mueller Report’s Eye-Opening Evidence, Barr Made the Right Call on Obstruction

The White House Played ‘Edelweiss’ As Mueller Report Dropped Because Of Course it Did

5 Times Barr Showed His Hand During The Mueller Report Press Conference

Mueller Report Flatly Contradicts Barr’s Claim That Trump Cooperated

New Texts Show Kim Foxx’s ‘Recusal’ from Jussie Smollett Case Was More of a Joke Than We Knew

Michael Cohen’s Court Battle With Trump Over Legal Fees Is a Total Dumpster Fire

SCOTUS Refused to Say ‘FUCT,’ But Ruth Bader Ginsburg Didn’t Disappoint

Is ‘FUCT’ Too Scandalous to Trademark? SCOTUS Hears Oral Arguments

Trump Insists He Has Legal Right to Move Detainees to Sanctuary Cities, and He’s Probably Right

Lori Loughlin Really Needs to Get Her Sh*t Together

North Dakota Just Criminalized ‘Human Dismemberment Abortion’ and Everything About the Statute Is a Mess

William Barr Acted Like the ‘Attorney General of Donald Trump’ Today

#YachtCocaineProstitutes Is What Happens When You File a Meritless Lawsuit

Trump Admin’s New Rule for Drug Ads May Sound Good on the Surface, But It’s Extremely Dangerous

Conservatives Elected Trump with SCOTUS in Mind, But Is Kavanaugh Just a Roberts Mini-Me?

Michael Cohen’s Desperate Ploy to Stay Out of Prison

Rudy Giuliani’s New Take on Rod Rosenstein Is Amazingly Disingenuous

Middle School Teacher Sues District For Discrimination After Being Caught in ‘Topless Selfie.’ She Couldn’t Be More Wrong.

Alan Dershowitz’s Latest Take on the Mueller Report Is Incredibly Flawed

SCOTUS Just Stopped a Texas Execution, and It Looks a Lot Like It Prefers Buddhists Over Muslims

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