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Watch Live: Devon Robinson Sentencing in ‘Self-Hate’ Triple Murders of Gay Men, Trans Woman

Convicted killing Devon Robinson, 19, is scheduled for a sentencing hearing Tuesday after at 1 p.m. He was found guilty on March 17 in the premeditated first-degree murders of Timothy Blancher, 20, Alunte Davis, 21, and Paris Cameron, 20. Jurors also held him responsible on charges of assault with intent to murder, and weapons felony firearm. You can watch in the player above.

Robinson was originally set to be sentenced on June 5, but that got postponed at the last minute. According to court officials, jail officials said he was at a “confirmed” COVID-19 ward.

At the murder trial, Special prosecutor Jaimie Powell Horowitz said the defendant killed the victims after engaging in sexual acts with them at a party. The motive: He didn’t want his family to find out.

This wasn’t just a case about hate, but “self-hate,” Horowitz said.

Blancher and Davis were gay, and Cameron was transgender.

Accounts indicate that Robinson didn’t know any of them before the events in question. He’d met them at a gas station, where Cameron hit on him, the state said. Surveillance footage showed him pacing around, indicating that he had trouble deciding whether he’d join them at a local party two blocks from where he lived. In the end, he went. Multiple performed oral sex on him, Horowitz said.

“It’s extraordinary,” she said.

But Robinson clearly had issues after this. He left the scene returned to the gas station. Surveillance footage once again showed his turbulent feelings on what happened: he was dry heaving and spiting, Horowitz said. Robinson shortly after went home, and returned to the scene of the party while masked. He opened fire.

Horowitiz said that Robinson fled his home that morning, and when police found him, he was selective about what details he admitted to authorities.

Defense lawyer Evan Callanan Jr. attempted to show that the prosecution was trying to get jurors to infer everything. The state lacked the mruder weapon, and there’s no fingerprints tying Robinson to the murder. Authorities also lacked a confession for the murder.

“Don’t give into a hunch,” Callanan said. As indicated by the guilty verdict, jurors thought the state’s case was way more than a hunch.

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