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Legal Analysis

6 Most Ridiculous Claims from DNC’s Conspiracy Lawsuit Against Trump Campaign

In Boasting About Trump Role, Rudy Giuliani Came Close to Breaking Ethics Rules

Did Trump Lawyer Jay Goldberg Just Discuss His Obstruction Strategy With the Wall Street Journal?

Why Sean Hannity Is Absolutely Protected by Attorney-Client Privilege

Before Boycotting Starbucks, You May Want to Read This

Stormy Daniels’ Attorney Demonstrates He Doesn’t Know How the Law Works (Again)

Seven Reasons Why Michael Cohen Is Smarter Than People Think

Current SCOTUS Case May Shed Light on Robert Mueller’s Future

How the ‘Love Child’ Story Could Be Used as Evidence of Illegal Campaign Contributions

Why the Heck are Feds Seizing Access Hollywood Tape Records in Michael Cohen Raid

Michael Cohen Shows Signs of Strain; Could Trump’s Own Lawyer Legally Flip?

Trump’s Anti-Mueller Rant Just Made Michael Cohen’s Life Way More Miserable Legally Speaking

Here’s How to Answer So-Called ‘Legal Analysis’ from the Pro-Trump Camp About Michael Cohen Raid

Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer Is Implying that Trump Alleged Affair Is a Crime. It’s Not.

Trump’s Online Store Only Collects Sales Tax in Two States

No One Seems to Know What Will Happen with Mueller’s Trump Report, Regardless of Its Conclusion

Rosenstein’s Secret Special Counsel Memo Was Written After the Feds Already Raided Manafort’s House

Conservative Parkland Teen Kyle Kashuv Has Strong Defamation Case Against Kurt Eichenwald

Sinclair Broadcast Group is a Media Monopoly Thanks to Bill Clinton

It Sure Looks Like Things are About to Go Down Between McCabe and Comey

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