First Amendment Groups Take Sen. McConnell to Task for Press Restrictions at Impeachment Trial

Trump in 1999: Ken Starr Is a ‘Freak’ and ‘I Bet He’s Got Something in His Closet’

‘They’re Bracing for War’: Trump’s Impeachment Team Led by Jeffrey Epstein’s Defense Lawyers

Trump Adds Alan Dershowitz and Ken Starr to Impeachment Defense Team (UPDATE)

Government Watchdog Report Also Accused Trump Allies of Constitutionally Significant Obstruction

Lawyers React to Watchdog’s Finding on Ukraine Aid Hold: ‘Rather Obvious from Constitutional Perspective’

Trump Broke the Law by Withholding Military Aid to Ukraine: Gov’t Accountability Office

Former Federal Prosecutor: AG Barr ‘Should Probably Retain a Criminal Defense Attorney’

Sen. Susan Collins Slammed for Suggesting Timing of Parnas Docs’ Release Is Nefarious

These Are the Impeachment Managers Who Will Make the Case for Trump’s Removal from Office

McConnell Doesn’t Have the Votes to Dismiss Impeachment Articles or Block Witnesses: Reports

Giuliani’s Indicted Associate Hands Over Messages and Photos ‘Relevant to Impeachment Inquiry’

Fmr Federal Prosecutor Calls McConnell’s Impeachment Trial Plans ‘Biggest Con’ in ‘the History of Our Country’

Fmr White House Ethics Lawyer: Trump Isn’t Mentally Competent to Stand Trial in the Senate

Trump Predictably Plans to Assert Executive Privilege Over Bolton’s Testimony — What It Means

Associates: Trump Said Key GOP Senators for Impeachment Trial Pressured Him to Strike Soleimani

After Saying ‘I’m in No Hurry,’ McConnell Supports Rule Change to ‘Allow Dismissal’ of Impeachment Articles

Hundreds of Lawyers Send Open Letter to Senate Criticizing McConnell’s Refusal to Do ‘Impartial Justice’

John Bolton May Have Teed Up Another Excuse Not to Testify at Impeachment Trial

Democrats: Pelosi’s Delay Strategy Vindicated by John Bolton’s Willingness to Testify

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