PA Attorney General Kathleen Kane Faces Prison Time After Being Convicted of 9 Criminal Charges

Image of Kathleen Kane via WPVIPennsylvania’s top prosecutor, Kathleen Kane, was found guilty of perjury and obstruction of justice on Monday evening. A jury found Kane guilty of a total of 9 criminal charges.   Kane, who once was a rising star in Democratic party, is facing mounting calls to resign as Pennsylvania Attorney General.

“We will continue this litigation we will continue this fight because we believe that our client has been wrongfully accused of misconduct,” her defense attorney Gerald Shargel told media outside the court, according to CNN. 

Kane had been charged with perjury, obstruction, official oppression, and other offenses, for allegedly revealing secret grand jury information to embarrass a political opponent, and then lying about it under oath, according to

Kane has reportedly portrayed the prosecution as revenge for uncovering the sharing of pornography among prosecutors, judges, and defense attorneys over state servers. According to Fox News, that revelation led to the dismissal of two state Supreme Court justices and others, but a judge said that Kane’s defense can’t use that information during her trial.

Since Monday’s conviction, the calls for Kane to resign have only intensified.

“As I have made clear, I do not believe Kathleen Kane should be Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. I believed this when she was charged, and today, after conviction, there should be no question that she should resign immediately,” Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf  said in a statement, obtained by CNN.

 Ronn Blitzer contributed to this report.
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