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Trump-Appointed Federal Judges Allow DOJ to Resume Federal Executions

Another Perfectly Timed Stock Dump by Sen. Richard Burr Raises Eyebrows

Judge Criticized Ron DeSantis Appointee and Ended Up Getting Suspended for ‘Insubordination’

Justice Up for Re-Election Urged Wisconsin to Go Out and Vote, Then His Court Kept Election on Schedule

All-Female Rock Band Thunderpussy Gets U.S. Trademark After 5-Year Legal Battle

Trump Moves to Install Multiple Inspectors General Days After Sending Michael Atkinson Packing

‘Remarkable’: DOJ Inspector General Slams Trump For Firing Intelligence Community Inspector General

Gov. DeSantis Blamed Outsiders for COVID-19 Spread, But His Top Donor Reportedly Got to Fly in Employees

Trump Organization Requests Reduction or Delay in Deutsche Bank Loan Payments, Report Says

Plainclothes Cops Beat Man on His Own Porch and Were Granted Immunity — Now This Is Happening

Lori Loughlin Court Filing Blasts ‘Overzealous’ Prosecutors: You Failed to Charge a Real Crime

Judge Allows Ex-GOP Congressman Convicted for Insider Trading to Delay Prison Time

Feds Charge Vice Cops Who Arrested Stormy Daniels at Ohio Strip Club

Sen. Loeffler’s Financial Disclosure Shows Stock Purchase in Company Making Protective Equipment

Trump Admin Was Quick to Use Defense Production Act for Weapons of War, Slow to Use It Against ‘Invisible Enemy’

Legal Experts Say Prosecuting Sen. Burr for Insider Trading Would Be ‘Very Difficult’

Carter Page Was the Rule, Not the Exception: DOJ Inspector General Finds FBI Routinely Abused FISA Process

Florida Sheriff Says Carole Baskin Refused Polygraph Test: ‘Everyone Else Has Agreed’

Law Profs Drag Sen. McConnell for ‘Nonsense’ Claim That Impeachment Kept Trump from Focusing on COVID-19

Idaho’s Republican Governor Bars Transgender Women from Competing in Women’s Athletics

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