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‘He Lied About Everything’: Chris Watts Falsely Claimed He Got Divorced, Says Alleged Mistress

Thanksgiving Surprise? Mueller’s Latest Manafort Maneuver Hints Something Big May Happen Soon

Judge Rules that White House Must ‘Immediately Restore’ Jim Acosta’s Hard Pass

Avenatti Says RNC’s Request for Police Report and Mugshot Suggests Allegations Are Politically-Motivated

Top Census Official Says Jeff Sessions Improperly Intervened to Ignore Data About Citizenship Question

If Surefire Intelligence Really Was Behind False Avenatti Police Report, Jacob Wohl Could Be in Deep Trouble

Avery Attorney Brings New Theory to the Making a Murderer Case

Top Republicans Are Officially At Odds Over Bill to Protect Robert Mueller

Civil Rights Groups Accuse Facebook of Anti-Semitism After Bombshell NYT Report

Alleged MAGAbomber Cesar Sayoc Pleads Not Guilty

Is a Storm Brewing? The Likely Reason Trump Chose Now to Trash the Mueller Probe All Over Again

Michael Avenatti Arrested on Suspicion of Domestic Violence (UPDATED)

Did Robert Mueller Just Hint that the Russia Investigation Will Drag on into 2019?

Jack Posobiec Denies Hiring ‘Neo-Nazi’ Who Allegedly Praised Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting

Mystery Robert Mueller Opponent Previously Thought to Be Trump Files Lengthy Sealed Document

Did Prosecutors Screw Up the Chris Watts Case by Leaving Him Room to Wiggle Out of Guilty Plea?

DOJ Defends Suspension of Acosta’s Hard Pass: ‘No First Amendment Right’ to White House Access

Cohen’s Attorney: Avenatti ‘Shot Himself in the Foot’ with Stormy Daniels Lawsuit and Is ‘Running Away’

U.S. Attorneys Move to Strike Everything El Chapo Defense’s Said in Their Opening Statement

DOJ Says Jeff Sessions’ Replacement Is Legitimate for the Same Reason Robert Mueller Is

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