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Trump May Use ‘Obscure Loophole’ to Push Saudi Arms Deal Through, Lawmaker Warns

4 Craziest Details in Corruption Case Dubbed the ‘Biggest in Hawaii History’

For the Second Time This Week, Federal Judge Decides Not to Block Congressional Subpoena

Avenatti Claims Stormy Daniels ‘Paid Only $100’ for His Services as Feds Indict Him for Fraud

Michael Avenatti Now Accused of ‘Forging’ Stormy Daniels’ Signature to Get Book Advance

Republican Governor Ron DeSantis Orders a Review of 2016 Election Hacking Attempts

Attorney Who Said Daughter Had Learning ‘Discrepancy’ to Get Her Extra Test Time Pleads Guilty in College Scam

NY Assembly Passes Bill That Would Allow Congress to Access Trump’s State Tax Returns

Ivy League Law Prof: Trump Can Only Win Subpoena Battle if SCOTUS Conservatives Engage in ‘Partisan Hackery’

Why Isn’t Deutsche Bank Siding With Trump to Block Congressional Subpoenas?

Mnuchin Points Out IRS Memo Ordering Release of Trump’s Tax Return is ‘Marked Draft’

Senior Military Officials Troubled by Trump Plan to Pardon Soldiers Accused of War Crimes

Federal Judge Unseals Five Michael Cohen Search Warrants (READ)

Tax Expert: IRS ‘Draft’ Memo Contradicting White House on Trump’s Tax Returns Has ‘Zero Value’

Kansas Taxpayers Paid Trump Lawyer’s Firm More Than $396,000 to Lose Case Against Planned Parenthood

‘Political Retribution’: California Claims Trump Admin Is Retaliating Over Opposition to Border Wall

Father of Slain CIA Officer Demands to Know Why ‘American Taliban’ Fighter Is Being Released Early

Fellatio Interrupta: Witness Reveals What Happened Before Feds Busted Accused NXIVM Sex Cult Leader

Anthony Kennedy Suggests Ancient Greeks Skeptical of Democracy Are Currently Being Proven Right

Mueller, House Democrats Reportedly Struggling to Agree on Parameters of Congressional Testimony

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