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AG Barr Served with Demand to Recuse Himself from Lev Parnas Investigation

Two Police Officers Killed in Horrific Hawaii Shooting Have Been Identified

Latest Parnas Docs Made Clear That Investigations of Rep. Nunes Are Necessary: Legal Experts

Imminent Threat? Trump Tells Donors He Ordered Soleimani Strike Because He ‘Said Bad Things About Our Country’

Now We Know Who Decided to Release Peter Strzok and Lisa Page’s Text Messages

DOJ Defies Court Order to Produce Memos and Notes From Jared Kushner’s Mueller Interview

Trump Dismisses ‘GOA’ Finding That His Administration Broke the Law

GOP State Senator Suggested Female Reporter Should Have ‘Fun’ with a Group of Teenage Boys

Comey Under Investigation? Latest News Raises ‘Suspicions’ of Political Revenge

‘Modern-Day Poll Tax’: Florida Supreme Court Rules Ex-Felons Must Pay ‘All’ Fines to Restore Voting Rights

Prosecutor Asked Potential Jurors If Harvey Weinstein’s Appearance Made Them Think He’s Innocent

Dems Ask AG Barr, FBI Director Wray to Deny Senate Access to Alexandra Chalupa’s Records

NFL Star Odell Beckham Faces Arrest for Slapping Cop on the Ass (VIDEO)

Devin Nunes Threatened to Sue Ted Lieu for Saying He Conspired with Lev Parnas

Trump Wanted to Get Rid of the Law His Allies Have Accused Joe Biden of Violating: Book

Lev Parnas and Robert Hyde Conduct Dueling TV Interviews in Response to Bombshell Document Dump

Federal Judge Blocks Trump Executive Order Limiting Refugee Resettlements

Bernie Sanders and Others Call for Investigation of Surveillance on Marie Yovanovitch

‘Not Just Insane, But Deeply Chilling’ Parnas Docs Spark Calls for Secretary Pompeo’s Resignation

Harvard Business Professor Blames Citizens United for Enabling ‘American Oligarchy’

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