Four Dentists Accused of Kidnapping, Gang Raping Woman at Las Vegas Hotel Released Without Bail

FOX5 Vegas – KVVU

Four dentists from California were arrested for allegedly kidnapping and raping a woman at the Wynn hotel in Las Vegas last weekend, but their attorneys say video will exonerate all of them. Ali Badkoobehi, Sina Edalat, Poria Edalat, and Saman Edalat were all held without bail since they were apprehended Saturday, but on Thursday a judge let each of them go without bail, FOX5 Las Vegas reported.

Defense lawyers for the men–three of whom are related–believe the decision to let the defendants go was due to the exculpatory video evidence. Badkoobehi’s attorney said that footage of the incident will show that everything that happened at the hotel was consensual. Saman Edalat’s lawyer claimed his client wasn’t even involved in the incident.

While the four men were allowed to return to their home state, charges have not been dropped and they have another court date set for October 1 of this year.

“Although our clients have been held without bail since Saturday, we are grateful to the DA’s office for agreeing to release them after they were provided and reviewed exculpatory video evidence that clearly showed extremely different circumstances than what was represented by the alleged victim,” Poria Edalat’s lawyer Craig Hendricks told FOX5 Las Vegas in a statement. “Charges are still pending. The case has not been dismissed and we are fully cooperating with law enforcement in regard to the ongoing investigation.”

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