Sheriff’s Office: Florida Man Thought Girlfriend Was Cheating on Him with Man in Their Mattress

Consider this, and other stories like it, cautionary tales.

A 37-year-old Florida man who Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office deputies say admitted to smoking meth faces charges of domestic violence-related false imprisonment and possession of drug paraphernalia after authorities stumbled upon a sad and disturbing situation.

According to authorities, who posted about the incident on Facebook, Felipe Oquendo smoked meth and subsequently hallucinated to extreme degrees early Friday morning. They said that his girlfriend told them that he believed she was cheating him with a man in a mattress.

An enraged Oquendo “stabbed the mattress with a bedpost, then ripped it apart with his hands,” authorities said. They said Oquendo “refused” to let the unidentified woman leave the bedroom, but that she was able to escape and call for help while he was fixated on the mattress, in which he believed the home-wrecker was hiding.

“He had locked the bedroom door and would not allow his girlfriend to leave, but while he was moving the mattress around she was able to unlock the door,” authorities said.

When deputies arrived on scene, Oquendo was still in hot pursuit of the “man in the mattress.” They said Oquendo said he was fighting Mattress Man and was attempting to pin him down. Oquendo allegedly admitted that the man had somehow escaped his grasp. Authorities said he later admitted to using meth.

Thankfully, Oquendo’s girlfriend was not hurt.

Some commenters online were quick to react to the otherwise scary situation with jokes. “Must have been a ‘Temper’-pedic,” quipped one Facebook commenter.

“I hope the man in the mattress was ok,” joked another.

Others, however, were pointed out the situation was actually “sad.”

“This is not funny it’s sad,” said one person. “Hope the girl is okay. This guy clearly needs rehab!” said another. “I really hope he gets help or she gets out…or both. I can’t imagine how scared she must have been, for him and of him,” said a third commenter.

[Image via Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office]

Matt Naham is managing editor of Law&Crime. He formerly worked as news editor and weekend editor at Rare.

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