Live Trials

‘Possible Tooth Fragment’ Found on Patrick Frazee Property Going to Be Tested for DNA, Says Prosecutor

Ex-NFL Player Kellen Winslow Will Be Retried on 8 Remaining Criminal Counts

Here’s How Charles Merritt’s Attorneys Plan on Persuading Jurors at Sentencing for McStay Murders

Report: Kellen Winslow Often Masturbated in Front of Teammates, Watched Porn in Meetings

Timothy Jones Sentenced to Death in the Murders of His 5 Children

Judge Declares Mistrial on Remaining 8 Charges Against Former NFL TE Kellen Winslow II

Watch Live: Christopher Vasata on Trial for Allegedly Murdering 3 People on Night of Super Bowl

Watch Live: Charles Merritt Sentencing in McStay Family Murders

Former NFL TE Kellen Winslow II Found Guilty of Rape, But Deliberations Continue on 8 Counts

Charles Merritt Found Guilty in the Murders of the McStay Family

Watch Live: Jurors Deliver Verdict in the McStay Family Murder Trial

Murder Defendant Ryan Duke Denied Funds for Expert Witnesses

Juror Note in Kellen Winslow Trial Asks for Explanation as to What ‘Being Under Oath Means’

Brenda Delgado Sentenced to Life in Prison for the Murder of Kendra Hatcher

Brenda Delgado Found Guilty in Murder of Dallas Dentist Kendra Hatcher

Watch Live: Timothy Jones Sentencing Hearing in Murders of His 5 Children

Watch: R. Kelly Returns to Court to Face 11 New Sexual Assault, Abuse Charges

Timothy Jones Found Guilty on All Counts in the Murders of His Five Children

Brenda Delgado’s Lawyer Calls Key Witness a Liar in Fiery Opening Statement (VIDEO)

Watch: Crystal Cortes to Be Sentenced in Murder of Kendra Hatcher

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