Live Trials

Family of James Scandirito Jr. Says Defense ‘Made a Joke of This Case’ After Acquittal for Father’s Murder

Watch: R. Kelly Hearing in Sex Abuse Case

‘My Actions Were Cowardly’: Bo Dukes Sentenced to 25 Years for Interfering in Tara Grinstead Case

Watch: Bo Dukes Sentencing for Interfering in Tara Grinstead Murder Investigation

James Scandirito Jr. Found Not Guilty of Murdering His Father

Bo Dukes Found Guilty of Interfering with Investigation into Tara Grinstead’s Murder

Iowa Man Breaks Down as Jury Acquits Him of Killing His Mom (VIDEO)

Accused Murderer Tells Absolutely Insane Story of Why He Chopped Up His Dead Father

Watch Live: Bo Dukes Stands Trial for Allegedly Hiding Body of Tara Grinstead

Jeremiah Monell Sentenced to Life for Murdering Estranged Wife While Their Kids Were at Home

Defense: James Scandirito Jr. ‘Panicked’ and Dismembered His Father, But Didn’t Murder Him

Watch Live: James Scandirito Jr. Murder Trial

Watch Live: Jason Carter Murder Trial

Nouman Raja Found Guilty of Manslaughter, Attempted First-Degree Murder in Death of Corey Jones

Inmate for Life Chris Watts Gives Authorities ‘Additional Info’ About Murders of His Family

David Russell Holbrook Found Guilty in 2006 Murder of Melissa Howard

Watch: Michael Cohen Testifies Before House Oversight Committee

Watch Live: Attempted Murder Trial of Ex-Cop Nouman Raja

David Dooley’s Defense Lawyer Insists Michelle Mockbee’s Husband Had a Motive to Kill Her

David Dooley Retrial for Murder of Michelle Mockbee

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