Twitter Users Destroy Ben Shapiro After He Demands to Know What Brett Kavanaugh’s Penis Looks Like

Chinese Woman Who Allegedly Lied Her Way Into Mar-a-Lago Criticized by Judge for Choice of Clothes

Fed. Judge Slams FBI’s ‘Mulligan’ in CNN’s James Comey Memo Litigation

Freudian Slip? William Barr Says Trump Gave Don McGahn an ‘Obstruction’

Kellyanne Conway Seems to Have Forgotten That Robert Mueller Indicted Michael Flynn

Devin Nunes’ Lawyer Embarrassingly Claims Someone Has Been Bolding Tweets to Defame His Client

Judge Trolls Sports Talk Radio Host Craig Carton Before Sentencing Him to 3.5 Years in Prison

Rep. Nadler Repeatedly Assailed ‘Dark Money in Politics,’ But Will Give Private Briefing to Liberal Dark Money Group

‘This Is Why They Wouldn’t Let Him Talk to Mueller’: George Conway Blasts Trump’s Latest NYT Attack

Texas Judge Accidentally Resigns by Announcing His Intention to Run for Higher Office

Kellyanne Conway Sidesteps Question over Whether Husband is ‘Cyberbullying’ Her to Quit

Couple Arrested After Allegedly Having Some Brief Public Sex on a Ferris Wheel in Front of Children

Suspected ‘Steele Dossier Source’ Calls Papadopoulos a ‘Paranoidal Lunatic,’ Promptly Deletes Tweet

Top Five Russia Reporting Failures, Many of Which Relied on Anonymous Sources

Rudy Giuliani Gets Blasted After Tweeting Wikipedia Quote

Trump Nemesis George Conway on Comey’s Mueller Report Op-Ed: He’s ‘Wrong’ About Impeachment

House Dems Have Evidence Jared and Ivanka Used Personal Email Accounts to Conduct White House Business

DNC Lawyers Dunk on Carter Page Over and Over Again for ‘Irrelevant’ Court Filings in Dossier Lawsuit

George Conway Drops the Mic in Response to Trump’s ‘Mr. Kellyanne Conway’ Comment

FBI Agents Got a Warrant for the Wrong Hotel Room Before They Raided Michael Cohen

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