That Time Brett Kavanaugh Sat There as Ken Starr Argued Clinton’s Invocation of Privileges Was an ‘Abuse’

Top 3 Takeaways from Wild WSJ Story on the Downfall of Trump’s ‘Fixers’

‘Not Even a Tweet’: Judge Blasts Trump and Lawyer for Sloppy Efforts in E. Jean Carroll Case

Rudy Giuliani Shredded for Asking Supreme Court to Invalidate Impeachment

Government Reverses Course: Jeffrey Epstein Suicide Attempt Video ‘No Longer Exists’

Iran-Backed Foreign Terrorist Org ‘First Released’ U.S. Letter Indicating Troop Withdrawal from Iraq: Report

Peter Strzok Quotes Trump in First Line of Response to DOJ’s ‘Terrifying’ Argument

Marco Rubio Makes a Scene: Sara Carter’s Website Posted a ‘Fake Story’ About Me

Mitch McConnell Complains About Democrats Breaking Precedent. Internet Responds: Merrick Garland.

Michael Cohen Styles Self as John Dean, Likens Trump to the Devil in Attempt to Get Out of Prison Early

Lisa Page: Trump’s Rally Claim That I Needed Restraining Order Against Strzok Is a Flat-Out ‘Lie’

Preet Bharara to House GOP Lawyer: Calling Trump a Clown Isn’t Election Interference, It’s a ‘Correct Consensus Opinion’

Jonathan Turley Thought Sonia Sotomayor Wasn’t Smart Enough to Be on the Supreme Court

Liberals Blame Fake ICE University Program on Trump. Barack Obama Started It in 2015.

Trump’s Rambling Fox & Friends Appearance Read as ‘Admission of Guilt’ on Comey Firing, Ukraine Call

Crime Expert Professor Who Wrote a Book on Crime Charged for Crime

GOP Lawmaker Promotes Impossible Barack Obama Conspiracy Theory During Impeachment Hearings

Conservative Columnist Promotes Debunked Story About Non-Citizens Voting in Texas

Trump Wants Whistleblower’s Lawyer Sued ‘Maybe for Treason,’ Which Definitely Isn’t a Thing

DOJ Insists It’s Not ‘Stonewalling’ Congress in Filing Expressing Intent to Stonewall Congress

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