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Nope! Local Cops Are Shying Away From Immigrant Deportations

In Amended Libel Lawsuit, Melania Trump Now Includes ‘Hooker’ Statement from NY Times Reporter

Ninth Circuit Judges Seem Pretty Concerned With Statements by Trump, Giuliani About ‘Muslim Ban’

Who Are Three 9th Circuit Judges Deciding Trump Immigration Ban?

Melania Trump’s Attorney May Have Just Blown Her $150 Million ‘Brand’ Claim against Daily Mail

In Rare Move, Appeals Court Agrees to Let Livestream of Trump Immigration Ban Hearing

Feds Secretly Revoked ‘Valid’ Visas on Same Day Trump Signed Immigration Ban

Trump Admin Obeys Court Order, Returns First Person Deported Under Travel Ban

LA Judge Issues Most Sweeping Order Yet Against Trump Immigration Ban

Fired Acting AG Yates Apparently Concluded Trump’s Order Meant to Intentionally Ban Muslims

Sorry President Trump, But Judge Neil Gorsuch Won’t ‘Open Up’ Libel Laws

Trump’s Order Aims for ‘Mass Expulsion’ of Muslims from U.S., Lawsuit Claims

ROUND UP: Here are Five Court Orders Slapping Down Parts of Trump’s Immigration Ban

Sorry, But None of Trump’s Supreme Court Favorites Will Likely ‘Open Up’ Libel Laws

And So It Begins, Trump Botches First Libel Bully Media Attack

Law Prof Calls Electoral College Unconstitutional, Giving Small States Too Much Power

Two Dramatic Legal Scenes that Were Totally Left Out of New Loving Movie

Could Racial Profiler Sheriff Joe Arpaio Be Trump’s First Pardon? Why It Might Happen.

Trump’s Call for ‘Equal Time’ on SNL is Just ‘Preposterous’

Melania Trump’s ‘Revenge Lawyer’ Apparently Doesn’t Understand First Amendment

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