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Victim’s Boyfriend Who Was Fmr Suspect Takes Stand in George Burch Murder Trial

Pizza Chain Fires Workers for Refusing to Serve Cop

Student, School Fight Rule After Basketball Player Banned from Playing with Hijab

President Trump Asks Why Obama Didn’t Prevent Russian Interference Alleged in Mueller Indictment

‘There’s Some Other Way’: Governor Comes Out Against Plan to Arm School Teachers

WATCH LIVE: George Burch Murder Trial Day 3

In Scathing Dissent, Clarence Thomas Blasts SCOTUS for Not Hearing Second Amendment Case

WATCH LIVE: George Burch Murder Trial Day 2

Trump Attorney Quite Pleased with NYTimes Hit Piece

Blac Chyna Going to Police After Sex Tape Leaks, Lawyer Says

Video Appears to Show Florida Shooting Suspect Fighting Classmates in 2016

WATCH LIVE: George Burch Murder Trial Day 1

One Important Word in Mueller’s Russia Indictment Should Make President Trump Very, Very Happy

7 Key Takeaways From DOJ’s Massive Indictment Alleging Russian U.S. Election Interference

Woman Accused of Shooting Husband in the Face ‘Saved His Life,’ Prosecutor Says

Attorney: Gun Shop Owners ‘Scared’ After Selling Weapon to Florida School Shooter

Inmates Clap as Officers Lead Suspected Cop Killer Past Cell (VIDEO)

Millionaire Bob Ward Found Guilty of Lesser Charge in Second Trial for Wife’s Murder

Capitol Police Fire, Rehire Officer After Altercation with Confederate Flag Wavers at Civil Rights Museum

GOP Rep Says House May Hold Bannon in Contempt After Stonewalling at Hearing

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