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Kentucky Man Threatened to Kill ‘Good Kiddies’ After Being Inspired by New Zealand Shooter, Cops Say

Parkland Teen Takes Her Own Life After Struggling with Survivor’s Guilt, Mom Says

Rudy Giuliani Gets Blasted After Tweeting Wikipedia Quote

Lead Michael Cohen Prosecutor at SDNY Stepping Down

R. Kelly Reportedly Wants to See Alleged Sex Tapes of Him and Underage Girl

Former Prosecutor: Expect ‘A Rollout of Indictments’ After Robert Mueller Submits Report

Jewish Foundation Considers Legal Action Against NYTimes Over ‘Intentionally Defamatory Article’ About Philanthropist

DNC Lawyers Dunk on Carter Page Over and Over Again for ‘Irrelevant’ Court Filings in Dossier Lawsuit

Anonymous Individuals Fight Possible Unsealing of Details Related to Alleged Epstein Sex Ring

Robert Kraft Isn’t Backing Down, Reportedly Won’t Take Deal to Get Prostitution Charges Dropped

John McAfee Won’t Pay $25M Judgment in Wrongful Death Case, Has Ignored All Lawsuits for 11 Years

Trump Reportedly Looking to Use Mueller Report to His Advantage as WH Grows Optimistic

Accused Murderer Tells Absolutely Insane Story of Why He Chopped Up His Dead Father

Supreme Court Justice Uses Steak Recipe to Dispute Court’s Ruling in Alien Detention Case

Lori Loughlin’s New Lawyer’s Words After Prosecuting Enron Have Not Aged Well

National Security Lawyer: ‘Trump Should Be Utterly Terrified’ by Newly Released Cohen Search Warrant Docs

Teen Pleads Guilty After Viral Video Caught Her Pushing Friend Off Bridge

‘Shame! Shame! Shame!’: Protesters Shout at Lawmakers for Approving Restrictive Abortion Bill

Suspect in Gambino Crime Boss Murder Showed Up to Court with ‘MAGA Forever’ Written On His Hand

Pa. Cops Investigating After Video Shows Officer Striking Woman During Response to ‘Riot’

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