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Despite Second Allegation, Al Franken Won’t Face Criminal Charges

‘Impossible’: Stallone’s Ex Brigitte Nielsen Says Sex Assault Story is Fake

Mueller Asks DOJ for Records of Comey Firing, Report Says

WATCH LIVE: Adam Matos Murder Trial Penalty Phase Day 1

Judge Writes Unsolicited Post About ’50 Very Attractive Females’ He’s Slept With

Stephen Paddock’s $5 Million Estate Heads to Court, as Families of Victims Await Decision

Jennifer Hudson Has Cops Remove Ex From Their Home Amid Custody Battle

Woman Who Worked with Franken on Rape Victim Legislation Wants New Sponsor for Bill

Jury Finds Adam Matos Guilty of First Degree Murder

‘Completely Unacceptable’: Fellow Dem Calls Out Al Franken

In Bizarre Exchange, Gloria Allred Won’t Say if Roy Moore Yearbook Signature is Fake

Law Firm that Pushed Aside Fox News’ Mercedes Colwin for Harassment Comments Replaced Her with a Man

Roy Moore Once Stabbed Himself With Knife During Murder Trial

‘I Was Out of My Mind’: Adam Matos Claims Self-Defense, Describes Grisly Quadruple Killing

Court Revives Case of Man Who Claims Stuffed Animals are Vital for His Religion

WATCH LIVE: Adam Matos Quadruple Murder Trial Day 8

Woman Faints in Court While Declared Guilty of Attempted Murder (VIDEO)

WATCH: Holly Bobo Hearing

Trump Jr. May Have Violated Computer Fraud Law, Cyber Crime Expert Says

WATCH LIVE: Jeff Sessions Hearing

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