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Sarah Palin’s Defamation Case Against NYTimes May Live On After Appellate Court Hearing

Officials Name Roy Charles Waller as Suspected NorCal Rapist

Watch Live: Prosecutors Announce ‘Major Development’ in NorCal Rapist Case

Judge Sends Defense Attorney to Jail After Client Is Acquitted of Murder (WATCH)

Kavanaugh Friend Ed Whelan Just Put Himself in Some Major Legal Jeopardy

Fmr AG Turns the Tables on CNN’s Cuomo After Host Blames White House for Mishandling Kavanaugh Allegations

Director of Pro-Kavanaugh Group Suddenly Has a Very Different Message About Christine Ford’s Allegations

Christine Ford’s Lawyer: Kavanaugh Accuser Will Testify Before Senate — on Two Conditions

Brett Kavanaugh Has Already Testified in Advance of Public Hearing ‘Under Penalty of Felony’

Court Knocks Down State Dept Decision to Deny Navy Vet Passport for Refusal to Specify Gender

Version of Kavanaugh Speech that Went to Senate Mysteriously Omits Remark About High School Days

Rubio Wants DOJ to Investigate Whether John Kerry Broke Federal Law with Iran Meetings

College Golf Champion Found Dead on Golf Course, Suspect Charged with Murder

There are Some Pretty Bizarre (Telling?) Comments on Brett Kavanaugh’s High School Yearbook

Trump Lawyer Claims Sex Assault Accuser Just Wants to ‘Harass’ President with Lawsuit

Orrin Hatch: ‘Honest’ Kavanaugh Says He Wasn’t Even at Party Where Alleged Attempted Assault Occurred

Fmr Senate Attorneys Blast Kavanaugh for ‘Pattern of Deceptive Answers’

Kavanaugh Ready to Testify Under Oath Regarding ‘Completely False Allegation’ of Sex Assault

ICE Officer Arrested for Alleged Sex Abuse of Young Girl

‘She’s Willing to Do Whatever It Takes’: Attorney Says Kavanaugh Accuser Ready to Testify Before Senate Committee

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