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‘Get Out!’ Carjacking Suspects Freak When They Discover Dash-Cam Recording Them (Watch)

Top 5 Details from the Harvey Weinstein Criminal Complaint

With Harvey Weinstein Now Facing New York Sex Crimes Charges, Federal Case Could Be Next

Rachel Dolezal, Who Led NAACP While Pretending to Be Black, Charged for Alleged Welfare Fraud

GOP Fundraiser Elliot Broidy Accuses Qatar of Targeting Him with Cyber-Attack Conspiracy

Harvey Weinstein to Turn Himself In on Sex Crime Charges, Report Says

Dancing Doctor Who Made Music Videos During Procedures Hit with Multiple Lawsuits

Avenatti Cites Giuliani Comments in New Push to Depose Trump Under Oath

UPDATE: Morgan Freeman Responds to Sexual Harassment Allegations

‘Taser! Taser! Taser!’: Cops Use Stun Gun on NBA Player After Alleged Parking Violation (Video)

Trump Appears to Play Dumb About Tweets in Summer Zervos Defamation Case

FBI to Have Strzok and Page Preserve Records on Personal Devices as Part of FOIA Lawsuit

Watch: Tex McIver Sentencing Hearing

‘I Don’t Like Living Here’: 30-Year-Old Ordered by Court to Leave Parents’ House Speaks Out

President Trump Claims ‘Spying’ on His Campaign Was Illegal. He’s Wrong.

‘Belly Jelly’: Ex-NFL Cheerleader Accuses Coach of Body Shaming in New Lawsuit

Customers Claim McDonald’s Charges for Cheese When They Order Plain Burgers

Manafort Goes After Prosecutor for Allegedly Leaking Damaging Info to Press

There Would be Nothing Illegal Even If the FBI Really Had Trump Informant

Breastfeeding Mom Claims Mistreatment from Law Firm that’s Already Facing Pregnancy Discrimination Lawsuit

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