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Here’s What Republicans and Democrats Spent on the Most Expensive Midterm Elections Ever

PAC Raised Over $2 Million for Sheriff Clarke’s Nonexistent Senate Run

GOP Donors too ’Embarrased’ to Publicly Support Trump Gave Millions to Dark Money Group

Bannon’s Support of GOP Insurgents Hasn’t Yet Amounted to Much

Add Another to the List of Former Trump Campaign Staffers Lobbying for Foreign Clients

Women (Candidates) Under Attack (Really!) by Outside Groups. (Men, Not so Much.)

Money Where Their Mouths Are? Find Out Which Celebrities Actually Donated to Candidates

FEC is After Trump Big Time for Anonymous Donations, Inflating #’s, Other Violations

New Energy Secretary Rick Perry’s Extensive Ties to CEO of Controversial Pipeline Project

Stein’s Recount Effort Brings in Twice as Much as Her Entire Presidential Campaign

None of Trump’s Secretary of State Prospects Actually Donated to His Campaign

Feds Open Criminal Probe of Thornton Law Firm, Major Democratic Fundraiser

Military Members Donating Way More Cash to Clinton Than to Trump

‘Shadow Lobbying’ on the Rise as Spending Declines

Here’s How It Works: Industry, Lawmakers and Money Mingle in Cleveland

RNC Speakers: They Talk the Talk, But Don’t Write the Checks For Donald

A Deep Dive into Trump’s (Lack of) Campaign Funding

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