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Fmr Watergate Prosecutor Questions Why Mueller Didn’t Charge Donald Trump Jr.

Felicity Huffman Might Not Have to Spend Anytime Behind Bars

Avenatti, Facing 107 Years in Prison Himself, Calls for Trump Impeachment Proceedings

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Asks Congress to Begin Impeachment Process Against Trump

Mueller Made 14 Referrals of Potential Criminal Activity to Outside Offices, But Most Remain Redacted

Barr Called Out for ‘Striking Contradiction’ Between His Comments and Mueller’s Report

Police Make an Arrest in Cold Case Rape and Murder From 1972 — Using DNA Found on a Coffee Cup

Lawyer: Man Accused of Sexually Assaulting Minor at His Own Wedding Is Innocent Because His Wife’s Still With Him

Tax Expert: ‘Far From Clear’ That IRS Can Be Compelled to Release Trump’s Returns

5 Most Ridiculous Comments Made By Judge John ‘Close Your Legs?’ Russo

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