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White House Counsel Claims Merrick Garland Has ‘A Really Good Chance’ of Confirmation

Um, What? Police Find Snoring Man Hiding in Dryer Machine

Donald Trump Sued For ‘Inciting a Riot’ During Kentucky Rally

Federal Judge Strikes Down Last Ban on Same-Sex Adoption in Entire Country

Deputies Allegedly Beat Man, Offer Up His Gold Chain to Silence Witness

Police Officer Arrested 5 Times in One Year, Still on the Force

VIDEO: Bikini-Clad Girls Duke it Out in Dramatic Beach Brawl, 3 Arrested

Beware Posers: Colorado Seeks to Criminalize ‘Fake’ Service Dogs

Gun Shop Owner Refuses To Sell Gun To Eligible Buyer, May Have Halted Mass Shooting

Cruz Super PAC Accuses Kasich of Accepting Money from George Soros; They’re Wrong

Trump Backtracking After Saying Women Who Get Abortions Should Be Punished

Elton John Sued by LAPD Officer for Sexual Harassment

Police: Man Fakes Own Kidnapping, Asks Family For Ransom Money

University Investigates Black Woman Confronting White Student Over His Dreadlocks

Georgia Lottery Winner Murdered, Seven Charged in His Death

Mississippi Proposes Alternative to Lethal Injection: Death By Firing Squad

College Student Expelled for Rough Sex Wins Lawsuit Against University

Report: Feds Crack iPhone, Withdraw Legal Action Against Apple

Smuggler Finally Sentenced to Prison After 24th Arrest at Mexican Border

NYPD to Review Arrest of Mailman Who Was Apparently Just Doing His Job

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