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Watch Live: Jessica Chambers Murder Trial Day 3

Brian Ross to Host Special Report: 9/11: Are We Safer? 

The Law&Crime Network is Seeking Producer

Win a Copy of Charles Rosenberg’s New Book, The Trial and Execution of the Traitor George Washington!

Win a Copy of Lis Wiehl’s New Book with Caitlin Rother, ‘Hunting Charles Manson’!

Watch: Shawn Grate Sentencing Hearing

Watch: Robert Olsen Immunity Hearing

Watch: Santa Fe School Shooter In Court

Watch: Parkland School Shooter In Court

Watch Live: Shawn Grate Murder Trial Day 6

Watch: William Knight Sentencing

Nancy Grace and Dan Abrams Launch New Show, Take on Casey Anthony Case

WATCH: Leon Jacob’s Murder-for-Hire Trial

Law & Crime Network Will Be Off Air for The Week of March 5th

Watch: Shelby Taylor Trial

Watch: Judith Walthers Sentencing Hearing

Watch: Donald Smith Trial

Watch: Donovan Richardson Trial Day 1

Watch: Yvonne Cortis Sentencing

Watch: Jason King Trial

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