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Watch Live: Shelby Taylor Trial

Watch Live: Judith Walthers Sentencing Hearing

Watch Live: Donald Smith Trial

Watch: Donovan Richardson Trial Day 1

Watch: Yvonne Cortis Sentencing

Watch: Jason King Trial

Watch: Judge Thomas Robinson Hearing

The 10 Weirdest Laws in the United States

WATCH: Jeffrey Willis Sentencing Hearing

Watch: Howell Donaldson Hearing

Watch: Dr. Larry Nassar Hearing

Watch: Dr. Larry Nassar Hearing

Cloud 9 Trial

Todd Kendhammer Trial

Watch: Joshua Phillips Resentencing

Stephen Duxbury Trial Day 3

Stephen Duxbury Trial Day 1

WATCH: Opening Statements in Adam Matos Quadruple Murder Trial Day 1

Win a Copy of Leo J. Maloney’s New Spy Thriller ‘Rogue Commander’!

CHASE: Pursuit Of Stolen Police Car

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