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One on One with Dr. William H. Reid: Aurora Mass Shooter Psychiatrist

3D Guns and Reporting Co-Worker’s Crimes

The View Grills Michael Avenatti Over His Constant TV Presence

One on One with Julio Briones

Trump/Cohen Tapes and Airbnb Regulation

An Examination of ‘The Staircase’: One on One with David Rudolf

Treason, Sacha Baron Cohen, and Nose Biting

Alan Dershowitz Talks Impeachment and The Russia Probe

Win New York Trip to Meet Dan Abrams and More!

Kavanaugh and Weed Laws

Special July 4th Episode with ‘Making A Murderer’s’ Aaron Keller

SCOTUS Decision on Making a Murderer’s Brendan Dassey

Here’s Who Could Replace Justice Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court

‘This Guy Got Screwed’: Attorney from ‘Making a Murderer’ Discusses Brendan Dassey’s Confession and Future

Glenn Beck Explains Walking Off CNN: ‘I Couldn’t Take It Anymore’

One on One with James Clapper and Ken Bensinger

North Korea and Lemonade Stands

Watch: Teens Convicted In Beating Death To Be Sentenced

Top Bombshells in OIG Report on FBI’s Handling of Clinton Investigation

Watch: Bob Ward Sentencing

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