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TrustDale Investigates: How a Bait and Switch Scheme Ended with the Tragic Death of Two Teenage Girls (WATCH)

Rosenstein Wire Comment, Women On CA Boards, & Monkey Driver

Watch Live: Carl Wimpey Murder Trial

Law & Crime Content Now Available on NBC Universal WatchBack App

Law & Crime Adds New True Crime Daily Live Show to Original Programming Lineup

Guys Who Law: Cosby Prosecutor – “When He Laughed, I Became Immediately Enraged”

Cosby Prosecutor

Watch Live: Sherra Wright & Billy Ray Turner Hearing

Watch Live: Jessica Chambers Murder Trial Day 6

Watch Live: Jessica Chambers Murder Trial Day 5

The Melanie Eam Murder Trial Ends with Hung Jury

Watch Live: Jessica Chambers Murder Trial Day 4

Guys Who Law: Criminal Nicknamed “Willy Wonka” Lead Crime Operation For 6 Months

Kavanaugh Part III, Manafort Part II, and a Willy Wonka Theft

One on One with Author and FBI Agent, Jeffrey Rinek

Guys Who Law: NFL Collusion Against Kaepernick Would Be Very Hard to Prove

Washington Post Roasted For Op-Ed Speculating Wildly About a Kavanaugh ‘Doppelganger’

Kavanaugh Part II, Kaepernick, and Crack Pipe Dispensers

Dan Abrams Scolds Lindsey Graham: Either You Accept the ABA or You Don’t

Guys Who Law: Campaign Finance Violations Won’t Be Enough to Take Down Trump

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