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Cops of the Week: Officers Alex Oklander and Ryan Sidders Save Baby Girl

Tex McIver Tears up as Defense Delivers Opening Statement at His Murder Trial

Docs Reveal How FBI Secretly Used Best Buy’s Geek Squad to Stop Cyber Crimes

Daycare Employees Arrested for Giving Melatonin-Laced Gummies to Toddlers

Woman Admitted to Stabbing Boyfriend with Samurai Sword After Catching Him Cheat, Cops Say

Russian Woman Allegedly Poisoned Look-Alike with Cheesecake

Trial Against Widow of Pulse Nightclub Shooter Set to Begin

Fmr Employee Claims Google Wrongfully Fired Him for Defending Minorities

Lawsuit Claims School Let Felon Pick Up Girl from School Before Raping Her

49ers Reuben Foster Arrested for the Second Time this Month

ACLU Wants Answers After ICE Arrests at Courthouses

Bold Moves by Prosecution Cause Concern in Suge Knight Case

Lawsuit Demands Coffee Shops Warn of Cancer Risk

William Woodward Found Guilty of Murdering Neighbors

Lawsuit in Fatal Police Shooting of Korryn Gaines Moves Towards Trial

NAACP Sues DHS over Revoking Protected Status for Haitians

O.J. Simpson’s Lawyer Claims ‘Secret’ Autograph Signing was Just to Pay off Debts

‘Illegal’ NDA May Prevent McKayla Maroney from Participating in Nassar Sentencing

Family Sues Police for Allegedly Shooting Schizophrenic Man More Than 60 Times

NYPD Accused of Violent Arrest After Erica Garner’s Funeral (VIDEO)

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