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Michael Cohen & Stormy Daniels Attorneys Have Epic Clash on CNN, Proving Both are Legally Clueless

Trump Makes Staffers Sign NDAs, Proves Again He Has No Idea How Government Works

Why McCabe’s Claims Actually Don’t Prove Obstruction Case Against Trump

Don Jr. Is About To Get Screwed By His Dad’s Tax Plan During This Divorce

Why Isn’t Trump Tweeting About Stormy Daniels?

Lawyers Defend Use of N-Word as ‘Joke’, Judge Isn’t Having It

Class Action Suit Filed For Lost Embryos, Court Faces Tough Ethical Questions

There’s No Way In Heck A Court Is Going to Ban CBS From Airing Stormy Interview

3 Reasons Why Mueller Will Never Agree to Trump’s Interview ‘Deal’ to End Russia Probe

Here’s the Report Card for All of Trump’s Attorneys (And It’s Not Looking Good)

Porn Star Stormy Daniels’ Case Against Trump Might Be a Winner For Two Reasons

Non-Celebrity Sexual Harassment Victim Wins Millions Against Big Company, and No One Seems To Care

Major Facebook Fail: Survey Asks Users Opinions About Pedophilia

Why Evidence that Trump Bullied Sessions Could Fortify Mueller’s Obstruction Case

Please Stop Debating Gun Control and Read This First

Kushner Loses His Security Clearance, and His Attorney’s Response is Patently Ridiculous

Trump Shows Utter Cluelessness About Mental Illness, Says He Wants to ‘Nab’ People, Throw Them in Institutions

Donald Trump is Causing Surge in Law School Applications

Melania’s Parents Just Got Green Cards, and They’re Being Super Shady About the Process

Voter Registration Drive at Black Panther Screenings is the Purest American Activism

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