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Sorry, Rose McGowan, No One’s Trying to ‘Silence You.’

False Accusations are Real. Fox News Analyst Shouldn’t be Punished for Speaking Truth

FBI Takes Next Step in Trump Administration’s War On Planned Parenthood

Let’s All Calm Down. John Grisham Is Not A Pedophile.

‘I’ve Never Seen Anything Like It’: Legal Expert Shocked By Trump Admin Abortion Petition to SCOTUS

If Trump Jr. Gets Prosecuted, Daddy’s Pardon Power Probably Can’t Save Him

Wisconsin Legislator Goes Full Handmaid, Says Forced Births Are Good For Business

GOP’s Tax Plan Tries To Be Pro-Life And Fails Miserably

Trump Team Responds to Sex Assault Accuser’s Claims, and It’s Frankly Offensive

Boston Teacher Thinks It’s A Great Idea To Use 9/11 Attacks In Algebra Problem

Brazile Bombshell Says DNC Was Hillary-Run From the Start

Grand Jury Docs Have Been Unsealed, and It’s Looking Even Worse for Manafort

Sorry, Rose McGowan, No One’s Trying to ‘Silence You.’

Amtrak Makes ‘Frighteningly Authoritarian’ Mistake With Hillary Supporter, And It Could Cost Them

Trump Can Try to Pardon Mueller’s Suspects But It Isn’t Going To Work

George H.W. Bush’s Alleged Groping Was Bad. His Publicist’s Response is Beyond Disturbing.

Now DeVos Has Totally Screwed Over Children With Special Needs

Will Emoluments Lawsuit Against Trump Get Dismissed? It might.

Turns Out, the Video Wasn’t the Worst Part of United Passenger Being Dragged

Proof that Jeff Sessions Actually Supports the Transgender Community

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