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Morgan Freeman Allegedly Slept With His Step-Granddaughter

Lawsuit: Zuckerberg Spied on Users, Stole Data, and Repeatedly Broke the Law

Court Says Doctors and Nurses Can Pretty Much Commit Sexual Assault if Directed by Police

Rudy Giuliani Invokes Clintonesque Defense of Trump: ‘Truth is Relative’

‘No Government Official is Above the Law’: Judge Rules President Can’t Block People on Twitter

ICE Falsely Imprisons Child for Almost a Year Because He Looked Like Gang Member

NRA’s Dana Loesch: Saying ‘Mass Shootings’ is Unfair Because No One Says ‘Mass Knifings’

Michael Avenatti’s Law Firm Slapped With $10 Million Bankruptcy Judgment

Texas GOP Senator John Cornyn Tweets Glowing Words About Santa Fe Shooter

Lawsuits Filed Against USC and Campus Gynecologist Allege Years of Sexual Abuse, University Cover-Up

Michael Flynn Jr. Issues Ominous Twitter Warning: ‘You’re All Going Down’

In Epic Dissent, the Notorious #RBG Slams Neil Gorsuch’s Ability to Read

Former Fox News Host Andrea Tantaros Just Lost Her Attorneys For the Fourth Time

Justice Gorsuch Trolls Liberals by Citing Laurence Tribe in Anti-Workers’ Rights Ruling

Trump Slammed Clinton For Taking Saudi Money, While Trump Jr. Went to Saudi Prince For Help Beating Clinton

Russian’s Attorneys Accuse Mueller’s Attorney of Lying in Court Hearing

Texas Lt. Governor Blames Santa Fe Shooting on School Having Too Many Doors

GOP Candidate Created Trust That Rewards His Children For Marrying Other White People

Republican ‘Deportation Bus’ Candidate Banned From Cracker Barrel Restaurants

Judge’s Zervos Decision Could Mean Trump Will Be Forced Into Giving a Deposition

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