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Maryland Authorities ‘Prepared to Investigate’ if Third Kavanaugh Accuser Files Complaint

Now That Rosenstein May Be Out, Who Will Be in Charge of Robert Mueller?

Kavanaugh Ally Who Tweeted ‘Mistaken Identity’ Conspiracy Offers to Resign, But Think Tank Board Declines

Fmr Fed Prosecutor: GOP Senators ‘Should Have the Guts’ to Question Christine Ford Themselves

Blink and You May Have Missed it? Andrew McCabe’s Lawyer Is on Christine Ford’s Legal Team

Alleged Mistress Claims Ex-Trump Aide Secretly Drugged Her with ‘Abortion Pill’

People Outraged After Twitter Allows ‘Pro-Female Genital Mutilation’ Advertisement

If Rosenstein Is Fired, This Is Who Will Be in Charge of Robert Mueller

There Are More Men Than Women in ‘Women For Kavanaugh’ Photo

GOP Congressman Jokes About Ruth Bader Ginsburg Being ‘Groped by Abraham Lincoln’ (VIDEO)

Major ‘No’ to Kavanaugh Seen as Attempt to Influence Crucial Senate Vote

Law&Crime Host Slams Idea That Kavanaugh-Ford Are in ‘He Said, She Said’ Scenario (VIDEO)

‘An Admitted Sexual Abuser Sits in the White House’: Liberal Group Ties Kavanaugh to Trump and Roy Moore in Ad

Roy Moore Defends Brett Kavanaugh Against Sexual Assault Allegations

Could the FBI Investigate Kavanaugh Without Trump’s Approval? Maybe.

Fox News’ Andrew Napolitano Gets the Kavanaugh Allegations (and the Law) Very Wrong

Woman Claiming to Confirm Kavanaugh Accuser’s Story Suddenly Deletes Twitter Post

5 Main Reasons Why Fmr Fed Prosecutors Say Christine Ford’s Allegation Is Credible

Kavanaugh Saying ‘What Happens at Georgetown Prep, Stays at Georgetown Prep’ Hasn’t Aged Well (VIDEO)

Kavanaugh Accused of Promoting ‘Whacko Conspiracy Theories’ About Hillary Clinton-Vince Foster Affair

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