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Due to Math ‘Error’ Manafort Owes Even More Money in Restitution, But He’s Not Signing Off On it

‘I’ve Been Doing Meth and Masturbating All Day’ Says Man Who Allegedly Threatened to Kill Wife

Florida Man Named ‘Donald’ Allegedly Used MAGA Hat to Steal Purse (VIDEO)

FBI Agents Got a Warrant for the Wrong Hotel Room Before They Raided Michael Cohen

Judges Skeptical of D.C. Hotel Lawsuit Alleging Trump Committed ‘Unprecedented Constitutional Violations’

‘Because You’re a F***** Up N*****!’: Texas Cop Sidelined After Body Cam Footage Shows Use of Racial Slur

Obama and Clinton Admin Alum Could Be First Democrat Charged as Result of the Mueller Probe

FEC Fines Ted Cruz for Misreporting the Source of $1 Million Loans from Two Banks

Cops: 19-Year-Old Shot Herself in the Mouth While Both Hands Were Handcuffed Behind Her Back

‘Because You’re a F****** N*****!’: White Woman’s Racist Tirade Allegedly Ends With Her Spitting at Black Man

Federal Court Strikes Down GOP Gerrymander Affecting African Americans in Mississippi

NY AG: President Trump Must Personally Pay $8.4 Million to Settle Lawsuit Against Trump Foundation

Florida Kindergarten Teacher Allegedly Recorded Herself Sexually Abusing a Child

Lawsuit Filed Against Trump Claims Border Wall Will Desecrate Native American Resting Places

Judge Was at ‘Total Loss’ as to Why Alex Acosta ‘Found it Appropriate’ to Withhold Info in Underage Sex Crime Case

Legal Expert: Massage Parlor Sting that Ensnared Robert Kraft Raises Important Fourth Amendment Issues

Watergate Journalist: Trump Is ‘Dangling Pardons’ Like Something Out of ‘The Godfather’

Legal Experts: SDNY May Be Investigating Trump Obstruction After ‘Friends in High Places’ Email

FBI Looked into McCrae Dowless Over Alleged Ballot Fraud in N.C. Before 2018 Election

Judge Amy Berman Jackson Had Very Little Sympathy for Manafort During His Sentencing Hearing

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