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GOP Senator Orrin Hatch Flatly Says He Doesn’t Care if Trump Was ‘Involved in Crimes’

Campaign Volunteer Canvassing in Chicago Shot While Streaming on Facebook Live (VIDEO)

Judge Andrew Napolitano Suggests There’s a Good Chance President Trump Will Be Indicted

Kavanaugh Sides With Liberals in Planned Parenthood Decision, and Conservative Justices Are Not Happy

‘Troubling’ Video Shows NYPD Forcefully Yanking Infant From Mother’s Arms

‘Select Team’ of California Cops Suspended Pending High Profile Racial Profiling Investigation

Legal Expert Compares Trump’s Election to Immigrants Who Gain Their ‘Citizenship by Fraud’

‘I Have No Comment’: Mark Harris’ Alleged Ballot Harvester Confronted by Reporter (WATCH)

Manafort ‘Lied’ About Receiving $125K From Pro-Trump Super PAC. Campaign Finance Charges Could Be Next.

Former Federal Prosecutor Predicts Mueller Investigation Will ‘Bring Down Trump’

Trump’s AG Pick Advised George H.W. Bush to Pardon Multiple Iran-Contra Affair Crimes

Michael Avenatti Joins Legal Team Representing Statue of Liberty Climber Patricia Okoumou

Trump Personally Employs Undocumented Immigrants? That May Be a Federal Crime

California University Downplays ‘Mass Shooting’ Threat Scrawled in Men’s Restroom

Teacher Faces Charges After Allegedly Forcibly Cutting Student’s Hair While Singing National Anthem (VIDEO)

Trump’s 2020 Campaign Has Reportedly Funneled Over $1 Million Into His Own Businesses

Border Patrol Agent Who Allegedly Targeted Sex Workers Charged with Capital Murder

Federal Prosecutors Ramp Up Probe of Manafort-Linked Podesta Group, and More

North Carolina Republicans Aim to Pass Law That Makes Sure Only Republicans Control Elections

Judge in Sanctuary City Under Investigation for Possibly Helping Immigrant Evade ICE Custody

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