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Here’s the 5 Important Details We Learned From Just Released Carter Page FISA Warrant

Why Does Ted Cruz Hate the First Amendment to the United States Constitution?

Federal Judge Slams New York AG for Prosecuting Anti-Abortion Activists

Adios, Pardon-er? Here’s Why Michael Cohen Probably Can’t Count on Trump Anymore

Michigan’s GOP Attorney General Just Revoked Protections For LGBTQ Individuals

Butina’s Lawyer: Asking for ‘Further Orders’ From Alleged Handler Taken Out of Context

‘You Don’t Belong Anywhere’: White Woman Berates Biracial Family, Claims She’s the Victim (VIDEO)

Trump Admin Quietly Deletes Anti-Discrimination Language From U.S. Government Website

She Stole Sea Shells from the Seashore, Now She’s Sentenced to Jail Time and Probation

Mueller’s Evidence List Shines New Light on Paul Manafort’s High-Priced Lifestyle

GOP Candidate Calls Woman ‘Young and Naive’ for Asking Question About Climate Change

Indicted Russian Company Relentlessly Trolls Mueller by Invoking Kavanaugh

Lesbian Woman Denied ‘LSBNSNLV’ License Plate in North Carolina for Being in ‘Poor Taste’

Reminder: Prosecutor Said ‘Trump’s Son Should be Concerned’ About Wiretaps of Butina’s Alleged Handler

Federal Judge Calls Out DNC for Playing ‘Games’ in Attempt to Sue Kushner

Dershowitz: Trump ‘Made a Serious Mistake’ During Putin Presser

‘I’m Sorry, I’m Sorry!’: Texas Police Under Fire After Stunning Autistic 19-Year-Old (VIDEO)

Voting Machine Vendor Changes Story, Admits They Put Remote-Access Software on Machines for Years

Legal Experts Say Manafort Could Be Cutting Plea Deal as Judge Suddenly Delays Proceedings

ACLU Staffer: GOP Won’t Challenge Trump on Russia Because ‘He Gives Them Tax Cuts and Racism’

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