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Why Harvey Weinstein Might Have Trouble Getting a Fair Trial

Trump Needs a Good Lawyer More Than Ever, But There Are Major Obstacles

Harvey Weinstein Case is Just the Latest Example of Manhattan DA’s Questionable Judgment

‘I Need to Have My Life Back’: Percoco Federal Corruption Jurors Learn Jury Duty is No Picnic

Bronx D.A.’s Office Accused of Rampant Sex and Booze Parties – But Are the Allegations True?

Here’s Why Police are Getting Away Over and Over Again With Killing Emotionally Disturbed People

Star Prosecutor Turned TV Commentator Just Got Caught Doing Some Dirty Tricks

President Trump Can Fire Mueller and Rosenstein, but He Can’t Fire the Grand Jury

Why Do Police Defendants Want to be Tried by Judges, and Not By Juries?

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