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Why Mueller Could be Forced to Indict President Trump

Even if Mueller Submits Trump Report, There’s a Good Chance We’ll Never See It

Mueller May be Forced to Indict Trump

While We All Hate to Admit It, Trump is Right About Due Process and #MeToo Movement

Investigating Trump For Alleged Sexual Wrongs Might be Unconstitutional

Dowd’s Right, President Can’t Be Guilty of Obstruction of Justice

CONSTITUTIONAL SHOWDOWN TODAY: Judge Could Defy Trump over Arpaio Pardon

Judge Considers Defying Trump Over Arpaio Pardon

Trump Could Easily Give Everyone Involved in ‘Russiagate’ a Blanket Pardon

Trump’s Threat to Pull Funding From So-Called Sanctuary Cites is Likely Illegal

Sorry But The Constitution Actually Protects Trump Jr. From Prosecution

President Trump Might Be Forced to Testify Under Oath About Trump University After All

Trump’s Reported Comey Complaint Wades into Uncharted Legal Waters

Trump’s Loose Lips (Again) Sunk His Sanctuary City Executive Order

United Airlines Cites Wrong Rule For Illegally De-Boarding Passenger

AG Sessions Threat to Withhold Funds to Sanctuary Cities is Likely Illegal– But It May Work

Here’s Why Trump’s New Travel Ban Order May Still Fail

Trump’s New Re-Written Immigration Order May Already Have Fatal Flaw

Correcting The Record: Here’s The Truth About Judge’s Order Halting Travel Ban

Sen. Sessions’ Confirmation Hearing Testimony Strengthens Case For Hillary Clinton Pardon

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