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Trump Jr. Lawyer Demands Probe into Intel Committee Leaks After CNN Debacle

Popular Restaurant Had So-Called ‘Rape Room’

‘Fascism, Nazis!’: College Cafe Kicks Out Students Because MAGA-Hats Violated Safe Space Policy (WATCH)

WATCH LIVE: Zaevion Dobson Murder Trial Day 6

Man Hit Disabled Wife With Semi-Truck As She Begged for Her Medication (She Lived)

Alleged Ryan Lizza Victim Blasts His Statement About ‘Respectful Relationship’

Teacher Plans Legal Action After Losing Job for Calling Trans Boy a Girl

Woman Told to Put Out Cigarette, Then She Threatened to Kill Everyone on Plane, Airline Says (WATCH)

Even Lindsey Graham Shoots Down Trump Lawyer’s Claim About Obstruction of Justice

WATCH LIVE: Zaevion Dobson Murder Trial Day 5

Roy Moore Once Said Removing Amendments After 10th Would Fix ‘Many Problems’

Judge Softens Sentence for Cloud9 Defendant’s Drug Conviction

WWE Wrestler Allegedly Put Wife in Headlock, Caused Minor Car Accident

Fmr Fox Host Juliet Huddy Says Trump Kiss Story Blown out of Proportion by ‘Media & Trolls’

Moore’s Chief Political Strategist ‘Highly Doubts’ There Will Be Senate Ethics Investigation

Judge Allegedly Showed Porn to Clerk, Asked If It Turned Her On

Here’s the Weirdest Part of Trent Franks Harassment Story

Roy Moore Accuser and Gloria Allred Hold Press Conference About Yearbook Signature

Roy Moore Accuser Admits She Added ‘Notes’ to Roy Moore Signature

WATCH LIVE: Zaevion Dobson Murder Trial Day 4

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