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‘I Advise You to Back the **** Up’: Armed Woman Scared off Alleged Robber (WATCH)

Michael Cohen Says He’s Gonna Plead the Fifth in Stormy Daniels Civil Case

Watch: Press Conference on Golden State Killer Suspect

Man Allegedly Killed Deputy, Stole Cruiser, Robbed Store

Watch Live: David Copperfield Civil Trial Day 5

Watch Live: David Copperfield Trial

Judge Indicted for Allegedly Breaking into Clerk’s Office to Stamp Document

Police Arrest Waffle House Shooting Suspect

DUI Suspect Allegedly Didn’t Care He Accidentally Pinned Woman Under His Truck

Words Cannot Describe This Alleged Groper Apparently Unfazed by Getting Tased (WATCH)

Suspected Waffle House Shooter Once Arrested for Being in Restricted Area Near White House, Secret Service Says

Black Man in MAGA Hat Threw Hispanic Victim onto Subway Tracks, Police Say

Judge Chewed Out Wheelchair-Bound Defendant Who Died Three Days Later (VIDEO)

School Assignment Asked Students to List ‘Positives’ of Slavery

Gunman Fled Nude from Waffle House Shooting, Police Say

Black Children Forced to Pose with Confederate Flag for Picture, Lawsuit Says

USA Gymnastics Settles Lawsuit over Coach Videotaping Prepubescent Gymnast

School Administrators Charged over Math Teacher’s Alleged Student Fight Club

Suspect Shot and Killed Two Deputies in Restaurant Attack, Says Sheriff

Who Is Jessie Liu, the Trump-Nominated U.S. Attorney Who Could Prosecute Andrew McCabe?

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