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Three Inmates Literally Bust Open Jail Wall to Escape, Deputies Say

Peter Strzok’s Lawyer: Client Will Voluntarily Testify Before Congress. No Subpoena Needed.

Man Cheated Walmart Out of $1.3 Million in Fraudulent Returns, Police Say

Record-Setting ‘Jeopardy!’ Winner Pleads Guilty to Breaking into College Email Account

Kellyanne Conway’s Husband Says Feds Should Look into Alleged Trump Campaign Finance Violations

Amid Manafort Prosecution, Giuliani Says Trump ‘Retains His Pardon Power’

Deputies Shot and Killed by Inmate During Transport, Authorities Say

‘I’m Going to Kill You!’: Woman Goes Berserk, Tries to Fistfight Gym Employee (WATCH)

Donald Trump Doesn’t Want to Take Credit for Separating Families, But Jeff Sessions Sure Does

Man Allegedly Had Sex with 14-Year-Girl, Claimed He Was Her ‘Emotional Support Friend’

Feds Investigating If Michael Cohen Engaged in Illegal Lobbying, Report Says

Ahead of His Sentencing, Cosby Makes Huge Changes to Legal Team and Squashes Divorce Rumor

Supreme Court Says No to Minnesota Law that Banned Political Attire at Voting Polls

FBI Agent Peter Strzok’s Attorney Fires Back at ‘Critically Flawed’ Conclusion of OIG Report

Man Threatened to Kill Sens. Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Prosecutors Say

Marine Murder Trial: Defense Grills White Robbery Witness About Racist Facebook Post (WATCH)

Student: Professor Told Class Moon Landing Was Fake, Downplayed How Bad Gestapo Was

Kellyanne Conway’s Husband Calls Out Trump for Attacking the Mueller Appointment

Trump Admin to Stop Granting Asylum to Domestic Violence Victims

Boston Globe Drops Lawsuit Against Fmr Employee Who Claimed Editor Sexually Harassed Her

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