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Trump Risks ‘Unlawful Command Influence’ in Reviewing Case of Army Major Charged with Murder, Professor Says

‘Rat’: Trump Repeats Lie That FBI Improperly Accessed Cohen’s Office, Home, Hotel Room

Giuliani Suggests Cohen ‘Double-Crossed’ Trump Because No Pardon Was Offered

Father and Stepmother Waterboarded 9-Year-Old Girl, Police Say

Denise Williams Found Guilty of Murdering Her First Husband

Sandy Hook Mom Opens Up About Her Organization’s Haunting New PSA on School Shooter Warning Signs (WATCH)

Verdict Watch: Denise Williams Love Triangle Murder Trial

Watch Live: Denise Williams Love Triangle Murder Trial Closing Arguments

Love Triangle Murder Trial: Killer’s Ex-Wife Says Denise Williams’ Suspicious Comment Alluded to Alleged Murder Plot

Watch Live: Denise Williams Love Triangle Murder Trial Day 3

Denise Williams Allegedly Issued Harsh Ultimatum to Murder Victim’s Family When They Pushed for Investigation

Judge Rules ‘Coward’ Deputy Had Legal Duty to Confront Nikolas Cruz

Man Pleads Guilty to Killing Roommate Over Fraud Scheme, Texting Picture of Body to Friend

Boyfriend of Dylann Roof’s Female Pen Pal Allegedly Lied About Role in ‘Upscale Mass Murder’ Plot

Admitted Killer Says He Took ‘Sexual’ Pictures of His Wife and Denise Williams (VIDEO)

Watch Live: Denise Williams Love Triangle Murder Trial Day 2

AMC Declares Victory After Walking Dead Lawsuit Moves Toward Trial

‘My Dad Loved Mike’: Admitted Killer Breaks Down Crying When Describing How His Father Searched for Victim (VIDEO)

Bill Cosby Blames Judge in Appeal of His Sexual Assault Conviction

Prosecutor Says Officer ‘Escalated the Situation’ That Led to Baby Being ‘Torn from His Mother’

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