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Watch: Tremaine Wilbourn Penalty Phase for Murder of Officer Sean Bolton

Taco Bell Employee Who Doesn’t Speak English Threatens to Call Cops on Customer Who Won’t Order in Spanish (WATCH)

Smallville Actress Arrested for Allegedly Participating in Sex Cult

LIVE BLOG: Trump Lawyers Try to Snuff Summer Zervos Defamation Lawsuit

WATCH: Assault Trial of NBA Stars Marcus and Markieff Morris Day 2

In Absurd Stunt, Steven Avery’s Lawyer Offers $10K To Prove His Guilt

Man Charged with Impregnating 11-Year-Old Claims She May Have Raped Him

9th Circuit Rules Against Trump’s Travel Ban

FBI Director James Comey Fired

Juan Rosario Found Guilty of Murdering 83-Year-Old Neighbor

New Report Claims At Least 50 Trump Voters in Electoral College Were Illegally Seated

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