Administrative Law

Reagan-Appointed Judge: Trump Admin Unlawfully Approved Work Requirements for Medicaid

Scientists Sue FCC for Dismissing Studies Linking Cell Phone Radiation to Cancer

‘Bogus’: Rep. Ocasio-Cortez Claims ‘Conservative Interest Groups’ Are Falsely Filing FEC Complaints Against Her

FEC Fines Ted Cruz for Misreporting the Source of $1 Million Loans from Two Banks

FEC Hands Down Significant Fines to Pro-Jeb! Super PAC and Chinese Co. for Foreign Election Interference

FEC Wants to Know Why Jeanine Pirro’s Senate Campaign Allegedly Failed to File Mandatory Finance Reports

Federal Judge Stops Trump Admin’s Birth Control Rules from Taking Effect with Nationwide Injunction

Trump’s Re-Election Campaign Cited for Accepting Hundreds of Illegal Campaign Contributions

Republicans Move to Investigate Google After Trump’s Search Result Criticism

‘Bunny Ranch’ Owner Turned Republican Candidate Has Lost His Brothel License

Trump Admin Quietly Deletes Anti-Discrimination Language From U.S. Government Website

NRA Illegally Used Shell Company to Coordinate With GOP, FEC Complaint Says

Government Accountability Office Investigating Pruitt’s EPA for Alleged Partisan Propaganda

John Bolton Super PAC Accused of Illegally Coordinating With Cambridge Analytica

Jeff Sessions’ DOJ is Apparently Hiding Information About Census Citizenship Question

Fmr White House Ethics Attorney: Ajit Pai’s NRA-Gifted Gun Violates Ethics Rules

U.S. Regulators Announce Hands-Off Approach to Bitcoin, Other Cryptocurrencies

Trump Admin Hid Data Showing New Rule That Would Cost Workers Billions, Report Says

Net Neutrality Restoration Bill One Vote Shy Of Passage

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