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Judge Curiel to Decide Whether to Release Donald Trump’s Videotaped Deposition Testimony

Will Trump’s Lawyers Actually Seek to Recuse Judge Curiel? Don’t Bet On It

Judge Who Trump Called ‘Mexican’ Rules in Favor of Border Wall While Taking Jab at Pres

Obama’s Nomination of Muslim-American Judge Sparks Anti-Muslim Outrage

Trump U Judge Rules Against Trump: ‘Genuine Issue’ Whether He ‘Knowingly Participated’ in Fraud Scheme

No, Trump’s Attack on Hispanic Judge Not a Two Sided Issue Requiring Media ‘Balance’

Mitch McConnell: ‘I Couldn’t Disagree More’ With Trump’s Comment on Judge

Mexican-American Alberto Gonzales Says Trump’s Criticism of ‘Mexican’ Judge is Fair

Whoops! Judge ‘Mistakenly’ Unsealed Too Many Records in Trump U Lawsuit

Trump Makes Dig at ‘Mexican’ Judge, Then Tries to Win ‘Mexican’ Support

Federal Judge Cites Trump’s Tweets About Judiciary in Comparison to KKK and Segregation

Trump Wins Significant Border Wall Case in ‘Liberal’ Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals

Kavanaugh Tries to Praise Trump, Ends up Saying Something Totally False

Attorney Who Petitioned to Declare Trump Mentally Incompetent, Now Takes Case to Supreme Court

Guess Which Judge is Deciding a Key Challenge to Trump’s Mexico Border Wall

President Trump Might Be Forced to Testify Under Oath About Trump University After All

‘The Trump University Case is Not Over’: Objector to Trump University Settlement Appeals to Ninth Circuit

Guess Who’s Presiding Over Case of the Deported DREAMer? That ‘Mexican’ Judge Trump Attacked

Trump University Settlement in Jeopardy as One Student Wants to Sue Separately

Pence Insists Trump Wasn’t Questioning ‘So-Called’ Judge’s Legitimacy

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