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Mitt Romney Liked Tweet About Removing Trump Using 25th Amendment

The Chances of Successfully Invoking the 25th Amendment to Remove Trump Are Incredibly Small Right Now

Former FBI Lawyer: Wire-Wearing, 25th Amendment Were Part of a ‘List’ of Possible Responses to Comey’s Firing

Former FBI Lawyer Didn’t Think Rosenstein Was Joking About Invoking 25th Amendment

Tucker Carlson Was Unsure About How the 25th Amendment Works, Didn’t Let Law Prof Explain It (VIDEO)

Fmr Bush Ethics Lawyer Doubles Down on 25th Amendment Claim, Rails Against Trump’s ‘Mental Illness’

President Trump Could Theoretically Invoke the 25th Amendment and Be Pardoned by Mike Pence

‘That’s Absurd’: Nikki Haley Insists She Never Heard Talk About Invoking 25th Amendment

There’s Something Fishy About NYT Claim Rod Rosenstein Seriously Discussed 25th Amendment

Let’s Stop With Talking About The 25th Amendment; Trump’s Not Crazy, We Are

Fire and Fury Author Says White House Staff Brought Up Possibility of Removing Trump Under 25th Amendment

Fmr White House Lawyer: Trump’s Nuclear Button Tweet Is Grounds For Removal Under 25th Amendment

Dem Talking to Mental Health Pros to Support Trump 25th Amendment Claim

‘Mentally Unhinged’: Trump’s Rambling Speech Sparks More Calls to Invoke 25th Amendment

If Congress Uses 25th Amendment To Oust Trump, It’ll Be Their Most Spineless Move Yet

The Full List of Evidence That Could Be Used to Remove Trump Under 25th Amendment

‘Grave Danger’: Dem Rep Says Trump Must Be Removed Under 25th Amendment

‘Evidence of Mental Deterioration’: Trump Wrestling Tweet Sparks Call to Invoke 25th Amendment

‘Unfit to Serve’: Trump’s Mika Facelift Tweet Sparks Calls to Invoke 25th Amendment

Give it Up Trump-Haters, You Can’t Legally Remove President Trump Using 25th Amendment Either

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